• The Punjab & Haryana High Court acknowledged the evolving field of cybercrime and the lack of proper training and qualifications among investigators. This can lead to longer investigation times, which shouldn’t be misconstrued as deliberate delays.
  •  The case involved Satpal Chaudhary, accused of providing a software link to generate fake tax receipts. He argued for bail due to the investigation’s delay.
  •  Chaudhary’s lawyer claimed the investigation was complete for other accused and his arrest was unjustified. He also portrayed himself as someone with limited technical knowledge.
  •  The prosecution countered that the delay resulted from the complexities of cybercrime investigations. They also challenged Chaudhary’s lack of technical knowledge, highlighting his computer and mobile phone usage. A co-accused confirmed receiving the software link from Chaudhary.
  •  The Court denied bail considering the need for custodial interrogation. The judge noted the seriousness of the allegations, lack of cooperation from Chaudhary, and the requirement to uncover the software’s source.

Bengal Resident Arrested for Defrauding Delhi Resident of Over Rs 5 Lakh in Cyber Crime

  • A Delhi resident, Durga Nath Raina, was defrauded of Rs 5.5 lakh by a cybercriminal posing as an airline customer care executive.
  •  Gourab Dey, the 27-year-old culprit, was apprehended in Kolkata after an investigation traced the scam money to his bank account.
  •  Dey, along with his associates, Abhishek Yadav, Rahul Ram, and Sahabaj Koyal, tricked people by posing as airline representatives. They used a fourth accomplice, Badshah, to withdraw the stolen funds.
  •  The Delhi Police Cyber Cell registered a case based on Raina’s complaint and tracked Dey through his bank details.
  •  The police are interrogating Dey to nab the remaining accomplices involved in the fraud scheme.

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The Cyber Security Bill 2024 marks a significant shift in Malaysia’s approach to cybersecurity, ushering in a new era of digital protection.

  • The Malaysian Parliament introduced the Cyber Security Bill 2024 on March 25, 2024, aimed at establishing a regulatory framework to safeguard Malaysia’s cyber security landscape.
  • The Bill is intended to have extra-territorial application, applying to all individuals irrespective of nationality or citizenship, including the Federal and State Governments.
  •  It establishes the National Cyber Security Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, to advise on cyber security matters. The Chief Executive of the National Cyber Security Agency is empowered to oversee cyber security operations and ensure compliance.
  •  The Bill outlines specific measures for entities operating national critical information infrastructure (NCII), identifying key sectors such as government, banking, healthcare, and energy as NCII sectors.
  • NCII entities are obligated to implement measures specified in the Bill, conduct cyber security risk assessments, and report incidents. Additionally, the Bill mandates licensing for cyber security service providers to ensure adherence to standards and regulations.

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Mira-Bhayandar, techie accused of siphoning Rs 4 lakh from stolen ATM cards,  is apprehended in Haryana

  • A 34-year-old engineer, Twinkle Arjun Arora, stole a businessman’s bag during a cricket tournament in Bhayandar, Maharashtra. He returned the bag after three hours, but had siphoned off Rs. 4.04 lakh from the victim’s debit and credit cards.
  •  The victim, Amit Agarwal, had left his bag containing valuables near the boundary line of the playground. Arora claimed to have mistakenly taken the bag and returned it later. However, he had changed the password lock of Agarwal’s mobile phone and conducted fraudulent transactions.
  •  The Bhayandar police arrested Arora in Faridabad, Haryana, less than two weeks after the incident.
  •  Arora, a qualified engineer, is suspected to have turned to crime after losing a significant amount of money in cricket betting.
  • The police apprehended Arora and initiated an investigation into the theft-cum-cyber fraud case, aiming to recover the stolen funds and prosecute the accused.

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