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Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [24.04.2024] : Srinagar Cyber Police, Telegram and Gurugram Police, Cadila Fraud and more



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Four Individuals Detained in Srinagar by Cyber Police for Mule Bank Account Scheme

  • Four individuals were arrested by Cyber Police in Srinagar for setting up mule bank accounts, aiding cyber fraud.
  • The arrested individuals are accused of facilitating the receipt and transfer of unlawfully obtained funds for cyber fraudsters.
  • These mule accounts are utilized to shuffle funds obtained through online scams, targeting vulnerable segments of society.
  • Perpetrators outside Jammu and Kashmir lure victims through emails or social media, employing their bank accounts for illegal transactions.
  • Cyber Police Kashmir has initiated an investigation, urging the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to avoid becoming unwitting participants in money laundering schemes.

Truecaller and Gurugram police team up to combat cybercrime and educate public

  • Truecaller and Gurugram police have partnered to enhance cyber safety and combat cybercrime, aiming to create a secure online environment for citizens.
  • Joint initiatives include CyberWise training sessions conducted by Truecaller and Gurugram police to educate the public on preventing cyber fraud and reporting online threats.
  • Truecaller has expanded its Government Directory Services in Gurugram by adding verified police contact numbers, aiming to combat impersonation fraud.
  • This integration enables users to easily identify verified numbers, reducing the risk of falling victim to impersonation scams.
  • The partnership also involves support for the Utkrisht Society for Safety, a non-profit initiative by Haryana Police, acknowledging the significant challenges posed by cyber fraud, with Gurugram Police receiving 100-120 daily complaints and suffering an average monthly loss of Rs 40 crore.
  • The collaboration extends support to the Utkrisht Society for Safety, a non-profit initiative by Haryana Police.
    Cyber fraud remains a significant challenge, with Gurugram Police receiving 100-120 daily complaints and an average monthly loss of Rs 40 crore, prompting proactive measures.

Cadila Vice President Falls Victim to Cyber Fraud, Loses Rs 3.95 Lakh

  • Bhushan Rajput, an executive Vice President at Cadila Pharma, fell victim to cybercrime when Rs 3.95 lakh was illegally withdrawn from his home loan account.
  • Despite not sharing any OTP or netbanking details, Rajput discovered the unauthorized transaction.
  • The incident began with Rajput receiving a message about net banking reward points, although he refrained from clicking any links.
  • Subsequently, he received another message confirming a Rs 24,500 transfer, which prompted him to contact his bank manager.
  • Further investigation revealed the substantial amount had been deducted from his home loan account, prompting a complaint to Bodakdev police for investigation.

Visakhapatnam Businessman Loses ₹1.30 Crore to Cybercriminals in Fraud Case

  • In Visakhapatnam, unidentified individuals defrauded a businessman of ₹1.30 crore through threatening tactics.
  • The cybercrime team swiftly responded to the complaint, managing to halt the transfer of ₹86 lakh.
  • The businessman received a call from someone claiming to be a courier agent in Mumbai, alleging involvement in illegal activities.
  • Another individual posing as an investigating officer convinced the victim that his money was linked to terrorism and illegal weapon purchases.
  • The victim, coerced by the miscreants’ threats, transferred the money under false promises of RBI verification, only to realize he had been deceived and subsequently filed a police complaint.

Man, 38, Apprehended in Hyderabad for Matrimonial Scams

  • Hyderabad’s Cyber Crime Police detain a 38-year-old habitual offender for matrimonial scams, targeting vulnerable divorced women and widows.
  • Authorities confiscate smartphones, fake rubber stamps, forged documents, and a counterfeit Google company ID card from the accused, identified as Komineni Vamshi Chowdary.
  • Chowdary, unemployed since 2009 and from Valapalavari Palli Town in Chittoor District, initiated his fraudulent activities following a complaint from a 35-year-old widow who lost her husband in 2008.
  • Using, Chowdary posed as a Google employee based in the USA, falsely promising marriage to the victim through WhatsApp.
  • Exploiting the victim’s vulnerability, Chowdary extracted bank account details and valuable ornaments under false pretenses, managing to swindle approximately Rs 1.80 crore before vanishing.

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