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Insider Attack: 5 Techies Held for Stealing Client Data from Chennai Firm



Insider Attack: : 5 Techies Held for Stealing Client Data from Chennai Firm

CHENNAI: Five techies, including three from Bengaluru and two from Chennai, have been arrested for allegedly stealing client data from a Chennai-based software firm. The techies, who were part of the company’s DevOps team, were responsible for delivering products to clients.

The incident took place on October 9 when the techies engaged in a three-hour conference call from Chennai. During the call, they managed to steal the client data, which primarily belonged to Australian banking companies. The theft resulted in the clients being unable to access the banking software provided by the firm.

The software firm, which was founded in 2018, provides software products to banking companies in different countries. They utilized cloud computing software provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver products to their clients.

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The company’s management was alerted to the issue when they received calls from their customers reporting problems with accessing the banking software. Upon further investigation, it became clear that the data breach had been caused by an insider attack.

The company immediately filed a complaint with the Chennai cybercrime police, who swung into action and tracked the Internet protocol addresses and other technical details from where the server had been accessed.

Through their investigation, the police were able to identify Edison, the operations in-charge, as the primary suspect. Edison, who was based in Chennai, had been responsible for granting access to the company’s OneDrive, which contained the stolen client data.

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Edison’s arrest led the police to another staffer, Ramkumar, who was also involved in the data theft. With the help of Edison and Ramkumar, the police team arrested Kavya, Ravitha, and Karuppaiah from Bengaluru, the three other techies involved in the crime.

The arrest of the five techies has sent shockwaves through the IT industry, highlighting the importance of data security and the need to be vigilant against insider threats. The incident serves as a reminder that even those within an organization can pose a significant risk to sensitive data.

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