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Delhi Police Warns Against Cyrillic Script in Phishing Attacks



New Delhi — In a public advisory, the Delhi Police have alerted internet users to a growing trend in cybercrime involving the use of the Cyrillic script for phishing attacks. Through their official X handle, the authorities emphasized the importance of scrutinizing URLs carefully before clicking on them.

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The tweet from Delhi Police highlighted that fraudsters are increasingly employing Cyrillic alphabets to create websites that mimic legitimate ones, deceiving users into believing they are visiting a trusted site. This tactic often leads to the theft of personal and financial information.

“Fraudsters may use Cyrillic script for phishing attacks, always check URLs carefully before clicking,” the advisory said.

In light of this warning, cybersecurity experts in India are urging the public to remain vigilant. They recommend a series of steps to identify and avoid falling victim to such phishing schemes:

1. Inspect the URL: Before entering login or payment information, ensure the website’s URL starts with ‘https’ and has a padlock symbol, indicating it is secure.
2. Look for subtle misspellings: Phishing sites often use URLs that are slightly altered versions of legitimate ones, with small typos or additional characters.
3. Be wary of unsolicited communications: Phishing attempts often come through unexpected emails or messages urging immediate action, such as updating your password or payment information.
4. Use reliable security software: Install and maintain up-to-date antivirus and anti-phishing software to detect and block malicious sites and downloads.
5. Educate yourself and others: Awareness is key. Recognize the signs of phishing and share information with friends and family to prevent them from becoming victims.

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