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Gujarat Man Nabbed in Forex Trading Scam After Posing as Woman on Dating Site



Gujarat Man Nabbed in Forex Trading Scam After Posing as Woman on Dating Site

Ahmedabad man Sudhir Tandan spun a web of lies and fake profiles, luring a Chennai resident into a web of forex fraud that cost him a staggering ₹69.4 lakhs.

The saga began innocently enough on a dating site, where Tandan, masquerading as a woman, struck up a connection with his unsuspecting victim. Their conversations, however, quickly migrated to Telegram, a platform offering more anonymity.

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Over a month of text-based courtship, Tandan, the phantom femme fatale, built trust, weaving a narrative that included financial woes. This carefully constructed emotional tapestry, coupled with calculated refusals to video chat, primed the victim for the ultimate ask: investing in forex trading.

Blinded by affection and the promise of “lucrative returns,” the victim coughed up a colossal ₹69.4 lakhs, only to realize later that he had been expertly catfished. He promptly filed a police complaint, triggering a digital investigation.

Cyber sleuths, following the money trail, traced the transactions back to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A dedicated task force was assembled, and soon, one of the bank account holders, Sudhir Tandan, was apprehended.

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Digging deeper, the police unearthed a treasure trove of digital evidence: a confiscated cellphone and nine debit cards, all linked to Tandan’s elaborate scheme. The 39-year-old Ahmedabad resident was swiftly produced before a local magistrate and subsequently transported back to Chennai with a transit warrant.

Tandan’s story serves as a stark reminder of the ever-evolving tactics used by online con artists. It highlights the vulnerability we often expose when cloaked in the anonymity of the digital world. While love might be blind, financial transactions, especially those involving substantial sums, warrant a healthy dose of skepticism.

Key Takeaways:

  • Man poses as woman on dating site, convinces victim to invest in forex trading.
  • Victim loses ₹69.4 lakhs before realizing he was catfished.
  • Police investigation leads to arrest of Sudhir Tandan (39) from Ahmedabad.
  • Tandan’s cellphone and nine debit cards seized as evidence.

This incident underscores the importance of online vigilance, particularly when dealing with financial matters. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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