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Phishing Scam Hits Former Official: Cyber Fraudsters Target Ex-LG RK Mathur, Deceive for Rs 2 Lakh



Phishing Scam Hits Former Official: Cyber Fraudsters Target Ex-LG RK Mathur, Deceive for Rs 2 Lakh

Former Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Ladakh, RK Mathur, has become the target of cyber fraud, resulting in a loss exceeding Rs 2 lakh. The fraudsters, operating through a phishing scam, managed to deceive Mathur by posing as a representative from a renowned e-commerce platform.

Cyber Fraud Targeting a Former High-Ranking Official

The incident involved the fraudsters contacting Mathur through a phone call, masquerading as a customer support executive from the e-commerce company. Using social engineering techniques, they convinced Mathur that his account had been compromised and that immediate action was required to secure it.

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Under the false pretence of assisting him in safeguarding his account, the fraudsters coerced Mathur into revealing his sensitive banking details, including account numbers and other pertinent financial information.

Despite being a former high-ranking government official, Mathur fell victim to the sophisticated scam, resulting in the fraudulent transfer of more than Rs 2 lakh from his account. As soon as he realized the deception, Mathur promptly reported the incident to the police and initiated the necessary steps to address the financial loss incurred.

Prevalence of Cyber Fraud and Prevention Measures

This instance highlights the prevalent threat of cyber fraud, where individuals, irrespective of their stature, can be duped by cunning cybercriminals. Phishing scams, in particular, continue to be a significant concern in the digital landscape, targeting unsuspecting victims through deceitful means.

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Authorities emphasize the importance of exercising caution and vigilance while sharing personal and financial information online. It is crucial for individuals to verify the authenticity of the entities they engage with, especially in instances where sensitive details are requested.

Law enforcement agencies continue to encourage citizens to report such incidents promptly to enable swift action against cybercrime perpetrators. Additionally, creating awareness regarding common cyber fraud tactics and adopting robust security measures remains imperative in safeguarding against these threats.

In the wake of this incident, investigations are underway to identify and apprehend the cyber fraudsters responsible for targeting RK Mathur, aiming to prevent further such occurrences and bring the perpetrators to justice.


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