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Gurgaon Police Bust Fraud Ring: Four Arrested in Rs 1 Lakh Electricity Bill Scam



Gurgaon Police Bust Fraud Ring: Four Arrested in Rs 1 Lakh Electricity Bill Scam

GURUGRAM: The Gurgaon police have arrested four scammers suspected of duping a woman out of Rs 1 lakh by deceiving her into paying her electricity bill.

Complaint and Police Action

As per the police report, the victim lodged a complaint on June 3 at the Sector 14 police station, stating that she had been defrauded while attempting to clear her electricity bill.

An unauthorized withdrawal of Rs 1 lakh from her bank account prompted her complaint. Upon verification, the police registered a case under relevant section of IPC.

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Modus Operandi Uncovered

Investigations uncovered the modus operandi employed by one Ajay and his associates. They sent threatening messages to individuals, asserting that failure to settle electricity bills would result in disconnection.

Scammers after threatening to disconnect the electricity supply sent the victims payment links. Once clicked, the perpetrators hacked into the bank accounts and siphoned money.

Arrests and Suspects’ Identities

A specialized police team led by Vipin Ahlawat, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime), and the Cyber West police unit arrested the suspects in Palam Vihar.

The arrested individuals include Pankaj, Mangilal, Ajay, and Sombeer. While Pankaj and Mangilal hail from Munasri Hanuman Garh, Rajasthan, Sombeer resides in Gadhi village, Hisar district, and Ajay in Niwana village, Hisar.

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Transaction Details Unveiled During Interrogation

Interrogation revealed that the defrauded amount was transferred to Pankaj’s bank account, subsequently sent to Mangilal. Sombeer, employed at a petrol pump, received the money there, charging a 1.5% commission, and then forwarded the remaining sum to Ajay. The investigation continues to delve into the allegations.

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Police Insight into Cyber Criminal Techniques

Sub-Inspector Sachin Kumar from the Cyber West police station highlighted the evolving complexities of cybercrime. He mentioned, “Some cybercriminals masquerade as customer care representatives to gain trust and deceive callers. By posing as electricity department employees, they coax unsuspecting individuals to click on links, threatening disconnection otherwise.” Kumar further explained how these links lead to the download of screen-sharing apps, consequently leaking UPI IDs during payment transactions.

The police are actively urging citizens to remain vigilant against such fraudulent tactics and report any suspicious activities to prevent falling victim to cyber scams.


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