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From Village to Rs 16 Crore Empire: The Cyber Fraudsters Who Conned Their Way Through 4,400 Complaints

Unveiling the Rs 16 crore scam by two fraudsters that shocked India, resulting in 4,400 complaints.



I4C's Cyber Battle: Indian Cyber Fraud Reporting System Thwarts Rs 930 Crore in Scams, Registers 12.8 Lakh Complaints

Gurugram police have caught two young men, Mohammad Amir and Akram Khan, for being involved in internet scams that stole Rs 16 crore. These scams have caused over 4,400 people across India to complain in the past few years. Amir and Khan come from Nuh, a place known for these types of scams.

These two were part of 215 cases in different states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Specifically, there were 13 cases in Haryana and 2 in Manesar. The police got important clues from the phones and SIM cards of Amir and Khan, which matched details from the national cybercrime center.

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Their tricks included making fake phone calls to get personal info, blackmailing people with videos and pictures, and pretending to be police officers to scare victims.

Amir was caught because of a scam in December last year. A woman, Ambalika Saikia, reported that a man who said he wanted to rent her flat tricked her into giving her bank details, claiming he needed to send money from his ‘Army account’. She lost Rs 45,856. Amir now faces charges for cheating and pretending to be someone else.

Khan was arrested for a different scam where someone was blackmailed into paying Rs 2.5 lakh. He’s also charged with cheating.

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The police found out that Amir and Khan often targeted people looking for jobs or financial help online, pretending to be from banks or companies to steal their information.

Catching these two is a big win for the police in fighting internet fraud, showing they’re getting better at tracking down and stopping these cybercriminals.


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