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Cybercrime Helpline 1930: Over Rs 50 Crore Saved from Cyber Fraudsters by Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police’s 1930 helpline combats cybercrime, saving over Rs 50 crore from fraudsters and protecting citizens’ finances



Cyber Fraud के हो गए हैं शिकार तो 1930 Dial करने से पहले कर लें तैयारी, वापस मिल जाएंगे सारे पैसे

Remember getting scammed online and feeling helpless? Well, things are changing in Mumbai! The city’s police cyber cell helpline, with its easy-to-remember number 1930, has become a weapon against fraudsters. Here’s how it’s working wonders:

Big Money Saved!

This year (as of March 2024), the helpline has blocked over Rs 22 crore in attempted online thefts – that’s almost as much as the total amount saved in all of 2023 (Rs 26.5 crore)! It’s a massive jump, showing the helpline’s effectiveness.

Why the Big Change?

Previously, the helpline was understaffed, but things are different now. Recognizing the rise in cybercrime, the police have boosted the team to 50 officers and constables, working round-the-clock in three shifts. This allows for a quicker response to your calls.

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How Does it Work?

Imagine you get scammed online. You call 1930, and the helpline team gets all the details. They then contact your bank and ask them to freeze the stolen money before the scammer takes it all! The faster you call, the higher the chance of getting your money back.

Real People, Real Help

A recent case highlights the helpline’s success. A Mumbai housewife lost Rs 4.56 crore in a fake share trading scheme. Thankfully, she called 1930 within 48 hours, and the police were able to freeze Rs 3.7 crore of her stolen money!

The Takeaway?

Mumbai’s fight against online scams is getting stronger. Remember, the 1930 helpline is there for you 24/7. If you suspect online fraud, call them immediately. By acting quickly and with the help of the police, you can protect yourself from financial loss. So, stay informed, stay vigilant, and most importantly, save the number 1930 on your phone!

1930 cyber crime helpline, a dedicated team working tirelessly to fight back against online scammers and potentially recover your lost money. Here’s how it works:

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1. Quick Action is Key:

The golden rule: Act fast! The sooner you report the scam, the higher the chances of getting your money back. Dial 1930 immediately after realizing you’ve been a victim.

2. Information is Power:

While on the call, the helpline team will gather crucial details. Be prepared to share information like:

  • The type of online fraud you experienced (phishing, fake investment scheme, etc.)
  • The amount stolen
  • Details of the affected bank account or payment gateway

3. Freezing the Funds:

Time is of the essence. Once they have your information, the helpline team will contact your bank or payment gateway. Their primary goal is to freeze the stolen funds in the scammer’s account before they disappear.

4. Investigation Begins:

While your money’s safe (hopefully!), the fight isn’t over. The cyber police team will launch an investigation to track down the culprits and potentially recover your lost funds.

5. Recovering Your Money:

Depending on the complexity of the scam and the speed of action, you might be able to get your money back. This process might involve further investigation and cooperation with the bank or payment gateway.

Important Note: Recovering lost money isn’t guaranteed. However, by acting swiftly and utilizing the 1930 helpline, you significantly increase your chances.

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