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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Arrest Made: Cyber Fraudster Caught Extorting Over Rs 1 Crore, 40,000 SIM Cards Confiscated
Kerala’s Malappuram Cyber Crime Unit arrests Abdul Roshan from Karnataka for an online trading scam, extorting Rs 1.08 crore. He distributed SIM cards to fraud gangs and lured victims through Facebook. The police seized 40,000 SIM cards and 180 phones. Roshan was remanded into custody after being produced in court.

Cyber Cell Thwarts Online Frauds Worth Over Rs 1.48 Lakh
Jammu and Kashmir Police Cyber Cell resolves three online financial fraud cases. Victims fell prey to text message scams, fraudulent investment schemes on Telegram, and unauthorized transactions after phone theft. Rs 1,48,500 recovered out of Rs 1,56,700. Further investigation is underway. Cyber Cell’s efforts yield commendable results.

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Scam Alert: Bengaluru Woman Loses Rs 2.7 Crore in ‘Investment’ Cyber Fraud, Police Aid in Recovery of Rs 1.7 Crore

A 52-year-old Bengaluru entrepreneur lost Rs 2.7 crore in an online scam. Initially earning through YouTube links, she was lured into investing more for the promised returns. Joining a Telegram group, she trusted scammers’ claims of doubling investments. The prompt complaint led to the recovery of Rs 1.7 crore. Family friend’s alert confirmed cyber fraud.

Two Arrested in Connection with Rs 2.9 Crore Cyber Fraud
In Panchkula, two individuals fell victim to separate online frauds, losing a total of Rs 4.3 lakh. Geeta Sharma lost Rs 1 lakh while seeking an online hospital appointment, while Kewal Krishan lost Rs 3.33 lakh fraudulently withdrawn from his bank account. Both cases highlight the prevalence of online scams.

Delhi High Court Expresses Concern Over Surge in Online Banking Frauds
The Delhi High Court expresses alarm at the surge in online banking frauds, noting their exploitation of public trust in ubiquitous online services. Justice Amit Mahajan, in a judgment, highlights the vulnerability of individuals to cyber fraud. The matter came up in a recent case of cyber fraud, where the court denied anticipatory bail to a man accused of duping a woman of Rs 5 lakh.

Learn About the Cyber Offender With an Rs 80 Crore Bounty on His Head

The U.S. Justice Department charges Russian national Dimitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, alias “LockBitSupp,” for leading LockBit ransomware, targeting 2,500 entities across 120 countries, including 1,800 in the U.S. Khoroshev allegedly earned $100 million from the scheme, with a 26-count indictment unveiled after a coordinated global law enforcement effort in February 2024.

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Russian National Indicted by U.S. for Heading LockBit Ransomware Group
The U.S. and allies indict Russian national Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, leader of LockBit ransomware group, with up to $10 million in reward. Actions aim to dismantle the ransomware ecosystem. Khoroshev, accused of cybercriminal activities, faces charges for LockBit attacks. LockBit, active worldwide, collected over $500 million in ransom payments, operated from Russia.

Interpol Nigeria Enhances Cybersecurity Through Virtual Asset Training
Nigerian Interpol, cybersecurity experts, and the intelligence community meet to combat rising cybercrime waves. Training focuses on leveraging blockchain intelligence for tracing cybercriminals using stablecoins. Amid controversies over cybersecurity Levy, Nigeria mandates deductions for National Cybersecurity Fund. SEC crackdown on crypto exchanges; IMF suggests embracing crypto adoption for economic reformation.

NSA Mandates Complete Enforcement of Cybercrime Act 2024
African leaders call for increased support in cybersecurity following a high-level counterterrorism meeting in Abuja. Nigeria emphasizes implementing the Cybercrimes Amendment Act 2024 and activating the National Cybersecurity Fund. Joining the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime aims to enhance international cooperation and align Nigerian laws with global standards.

Surge in Espionage-Linked Cyberattacks in Pakistan: Report
Kaspersky’s report reveals a 300% surge in espionage-related cyberattacks in Pakistan in Q1 2024 compared to 2023. The public sector hit hardest. Spyware attacks rose sharply, while banking malware expected to decline by 50%. Continuous cybersecurity enhancement urged. Hafeez Rehman advises automated solutions and managed security services to combat evolving threats.

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