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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Introduction of Cyber Cell at Sahyadri Tiger Reserve to Combat Animal Poaching
New Cyber Cell established at Sahyadri Tiger Reserve in Kolhapur aims to combat poaching and smuggling. Inaugurated by Chief Conservator R M Ramanujam, it provides technical assistance for wildlife crime investigations. Offering call records, tower location data, and verification, it enhances evidence collection and aids in arrests across Maharashtra.

Global Cyber Attacks Surge in Q1 2024; India Ranks Among Top Targeted Nations: Report
In Q1 2024, global cyber-attacks surged by 28%, with India facing 2,807 weekly attacks, up by 33% year-on-year. Education, Government, and Healthcare sectors were primary targets, while Hardware Vendors saw a 37% increase. Key Indian malware includes FakeUpdates and RATs. Check Point advises multi-layered cybersecurity measures such as  comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, encompassing robust data backups, regular cyber awareness training, prompt security updates, robust user authentication, and advanced anti-ransomware solutions.

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Gurugram Cyber Police Apprehend Three Men, Including Bank Employee, in Fake Stock Market Investment Scam
Gurugram Cyber Police arrest three, including bank worker Devender Sharma, for a stock market scam. Sharma aided fraudsters by providing bank accounts. They duped a resident into investing Rs 44.57 lakh, leading to a complaint. Investigation reveals Sharma established a fake business account, with Rs 1 lakh transferred and shared among the accused.

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Two Arrested in Connection with Rs 2.9 Crore Cyber Fraud
In Kolkata, Gopal Jha (24) and Subir Ghosh (26) were arrested for a Rs 2.9 crore cyber fraud against Salt Lake resident Arup Kanti Das. They lured him to invest in fake stocks through a WhatsApp group posing as a SEBI-registered firm. Das complained to Bidhannagar cyber cops after realizing the scam. Additionally, Shiva Prasad escaped a cyber fraud company in Cambodia, likening it to a virtual jail with strict controls and penalties, operating via Telegram with fake identities and Chinese training.

Spear-Phishing Rampant in 53% of Indian Organizations: Survey
A spear-phishing trends report reveals 53% of Indian organizations fell victim to targeted cyber-attacks in 2022, emphasizing the urgent need for improved detection and response mechanisms. Despite being low in volume, spear-phishing attacks accounted for 66% of breaches, causing severe impacts including malware infections and data theft. Detection and response times are notably slow, averaging two days for identification and 53 hours for remediation, exacerbating vulnerabilities, especially with the shift to remote work intensifying risks.


Rise in Espionage-Linked Cyberattacks: Pakistan Reports 300% Surge
Report by Kaspersky notes a 300% surge in espionage-related cyberattacks in Pakistan during Q1 2024 compared to 2023. Various sectors affected, with public sector leading. Spyware attacks notably rise, while banking malware expected to decline. Recommendations include automated cybersecurity solutions and managed security services to counter evolving threats.

Taiwan Confronts 5 Million Daily Cyberattacks Amidst China’s Advanced Strategies
Taiwan faces escalating cyber threats from China, with five million daily cyberattacks. Tactics include phishing and disinformation, targeting elections and spreading false narratives. Taiwan responds with enhanced cybersecurity measures, international collaborations, and efforts to counter disinformation. Collective action and technological advancements crucial to defending democracy against evolving threats.

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International Counter Ransomware Initiative, launches to combat the growing threat of ransomware, launches “Crystal Ball” Threat Intelligence Platform
The International Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI) , a US led initiative in 2021, expands to 60 partners, launching “Crystal Ball” platform for threat intelligence exchange. Led by the White House, CRI aims to unite nations against ransomware, utilizing AI technologies. Microsoft-powered platform fosters global collaboration, emphasizing collective defense and resilience against cyber threats.

Transformation from Teen Cybercriminal to Europe’s Most Wanted
Europe’s notorious hacker, Julius Kivimäki, jailed for blackmailing 33,000 therapy patients with stolen session notes. Victims received polite ransom demands for their private data, leading to emotional distress. Kivimäki sentenced to six years, sparking calls for legal changes to address mass hack cases and ensure justice for victims.

Industry Alert: One in Six Industrial PCs Targeted by Attacks
Kaspersky’s ICS security solutions detected cyber threats on 18.3% of industrial computers in Germany in 2023, a slight increase from the previous year. Main threats include denylisted Internet resources, malicious scripts, phishing sites, and documents. Spyware incidents decreased slightly. The analysis highlights ongoing cyber risks for German industrial firms.

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