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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [05.05.2024]: Click to know details



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Financial Loss: Actor Rakesh Bedi’s Wife Targeted in Cyber Scam
Actor Rakesh Bedi’s wife Aradhana lost Rs 4.98 lakh in a cyber scam after receiving a call requesting OTP for a wrongly credited amount. Oshiwara police is investigating the matter. Despite refusing to share OTP, the money was siphoned off. Investigation seeks to identify culprits and prevent further incidents.

Impersonating Authorities: Cyber Crooks Defraud Victims of Rs 50 Lakh
Two men in New Delhi lost over Rs 50 lakh to scammers posing as police officers. A 78-year-old retired DGCA employee was duped of Rs 47 lakh after being threatened with arrest under PMLA and another resident lost Rs 4.3 lakh to scammers posing as Crime Branch officers, who tricked them into transferring money for fake investigations.


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Global Cooperation Urged: Chief Justice of India Addresses Juvenile Cybercrimes
Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud advocates for international cooperation to combat juvenile cybercrimes amid technological advancements. He emphasizes empathy in juvenile justice, highlighting the vulnerability of minors to online dangers like the ‘Momo Challenge’. Chandrachud calls for proactive measures, including digital literacy and effective parental guidance.

Deceptive Investment Scheme: Online Fraudsters Swindle Four Men of Rs 1.90 Crore in TVM
In Thiruvananthapuram, four individuals were swindled of Rs 1.90 crore through false promises of lucrative profits in online share trading. They fell prey to WhatsApp and Telegram groups, installing apps and investing money based on misleading claims of doubling returns. Police have initiated investigations based on the victims’ complaints.


Fraudulent Activity Uncovered: Telangana GST Officials Arrested for Rs 46 Crore Refund Scam
Hyderabad police arrest five GST officials involved in seven cases of GST refund fraud worth Rs 46 crore. They colluded with bogus electric bike manufacturers, registering firms with fake documents on the GST portal. Accused caused wrongful loss to the government exchequer by misusing official power, accepting bribes, and disobeying departmental procedures.


Elder Fraud: FBI Report Highlights Tech Support Scams as Primary Concern
FBI’s 2023 Elderly Fraud Report reveals tech support scams as top fraud targeting seniors, with investment scams leading to over $1.2 billion in losses. California and Florida report highest complaints and financial losses. Seniors face financial ruin, even leading to suicides. FBI vows to combat elder fraud schemes.


Exploring the Concept of an ‘Animal Internet’: New Research Findings
University study finds pet parrots prefer live video calls with other birds over pre-recorded videos, suggesting they can distinguish between live and recorded content. Results indicate potential for an “animal internet” allowing animals to interact. Findings will be presented at an upcoming conference, shaping future research in animal-human interactions.

Poland Joins Accusations Against Russia for Cyberattacks, Alongside Germany and Czech Republic
Poland joins Germany and Czech Republic in condemning alleged Russian cyberattacks. Germany attributes attacks to Russian military intelligence, targeting political parties and sectors like logistics and aerospace. Czech Republic reports similar incidents, emphasizing the threat to democracy and calling for Russian cessation of such activities.

Preparations Underway for Cyber Defense During Paris Olympics
France anticipates increased cyber threats during the Paris Olympics, particularly from Russia. Cybersecurity experts prepare for potential attacks, ranging from teenage hackers to state-sponsored operatives. Despite efforts to remain discreet, they acknowledge the likelihood of serious cyber incidents, with Russia’s aggressive cyber unit, Sandworm, under scrutiny.

Former Cybersecurity Consultant Imprisoned for Trading Confidential Data
Former cybersecurity consultant Vincent Cannady is arrested for attempting to extort up to $1.5 million from a publicly traded IT company. He threatened to disclose sensitive company information unless demands were met. Charged with Hobbs Act extortion, he is facing up to 20 years in prison. United States Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case.

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