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Tamil Nadu Police Facial Recognition Portal Hacked, Details of 50,000….



amil Nadu Police's facial recognition portal hacked, exposing details of 50,000 officers

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Police’s facial recognition portal faced a security breach on Friday, May 3, 2024. Hackers accessed the database containing crucial software used by the police for tracking criminals, missing persons, and others through facial recognition technology. Additionally, the portal stored contact details of over 50,000 police officers.


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Facial Recognition Portal Compromised

The hacked portal included the T.N. police facial recognition software, allowing authorities to search for individuals based on facial features. The compromised data encompassed FIR information, including FIR numbers, dates, details of involved parties, and physical addresses along with contact details of the police officers.

Police Response

A senior police officer addressed the breach, stating, “There is no server breach. The admin login seems compromised and has been changed now. There is no need for panic.”

Despite assurances from the police, the incident has raised concerns regarding data security and the vulnerability of such critical systems to cyberattacks.

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