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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [06.05.2024]: Click to know Details



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Cambodian Cyber Fraud Operation Unveiled as Virtual Prison
Telangana native Shiva Prasad, rescued from a Chinese cyber fraud operation in Cambodia, reveals it operates as a virtual prison. Employees are trapped in towers, unable to leave, with no days off. Promised $1,500/month, penalties for absence deducted $300. Forced to work 16-hour days in fraudulent schemes.

CBI Official Falls Victim to Rs 2 Lakh Cyber Fraud Scheme in Mumbai

CBI deputy superintendent Sanjay Khullar fell victim to cyber cons who impersonated Delhi police officers, claiming his parcel contained illegal substances. Threatened with money laundering charges, he paid Rs 2 lakh for fake RBI verification. Realizing the scam, he filed a case against three unidentified individuals for cheating and IT Act violations.

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Government Implements Proactive Measures to Combat Cyber Threats
India’s digital transformation, led by PM Modi, faces escalating cyber threats. Initiatives like Cyber Safe India and I4C tackle cybercrime, saving over Rs. 1200 crore. Measures include NAFIS, CyberDost, and Cyber Jagrookta Diwas. Home Minister Shah emphasizes cybersecurity’s role in national security, advocating for legal reforms to combat cybercriminals.

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Cyber Impersonator Poses as Law Enforcement, Dupes Woman; Apprehended
Rohit Shukla, 25, posing as a cyber crime police officer, was arrested in Gurgaon for cheating. Using a new SIM card, he extorted money from a woman on Instagram by falsely accusing her of viewing obscene content. Tracked via I4C’s Pratibimb portal, he faces charges of cheating and personation.

Stock Market Scam: Cyber Thieves Swindle Rs 39 Lakhs with False Promises

Cyber fraud plagues stock market investors in Pune, with two women and a man losing significant sums. Promised profits, they transferred funds but received no returns. Complaints lodged with Sahakar Nagar, Chatushrungi, and Loni Kalbhor police stations. Investigations underway, highlighting the rampant cyber deception in financial realms.


Kyndryl and Rubrik Forge Global Alliance for Cyber Incident Recovery Solutions

Kyndryl and Rubrik announce a global strategic alliance to enhance cyber resilience for Kyndryl customers. The collaboration introduces new services, including Kyndryl Incident Recovery with Rubrik, providing data protection and recovery solutions. Both US companies aim to mitigate cyber threats and reduce IT complexities for businesses across various sectors.

Germany Accuses Russia of 2023 Cyber Attack, Vows Retaliation
Germany’s Foreign Minister accuses Russia of a 2023 cyber attack on the Social Democratic Party, attributing it to the APT28 group linked to the Russian military. The Federal Government’s investigation, led by the Federal Foreign Office, identifies the attack’s origin, signaling diplomatic consequences for Russia’s actions.

South Korea Joins US-Led Cyber Exercise Amid Growing North Korean Threats
South Korea’s Cyber Operations Command will join a US-led multinational cyber exercise to bolster its defense against cyber threats, particularly from North Korea. The exercise, Cyber Flag, aims to enhance cooperation among nations in countering cyber threats and will include 18 countries, with South Korea participating for the third time.


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Wichita Authorities Alert Residents to Cyber Security Incident
The City of Wichita in Kansas alerts residents of a cyber security incident, prompting the shutdown of certain online services for assessment. The city emphasizes its commitment to providing quality services and assures residents of thorough system review to ensure security before restoration.

UK Implements Ban on Easily Guessable Passwords in Cybersecurity Crackdown
The United Kingdom implements a law banning generic passwords on smart devices to safeguard consumers against cyber attacks. Experts advocate for similar measures in Canada amidst escalating cybersecurity concerns. The law mandates minimum security standards for manufacturers, prohibiting easily guessable default passwords and aiming to enhance both national resilience and consumer confidence.

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