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Cross-Border Cyber Crime Racket Smashed: Thousands of SIM Cards Seized

Kuchaikot Police intercept a major cyber crime operation, arresting three with thousands of SIM cards, spotlighting election security efforts.



From Delhi to Kathmandu: The Trail of a Cyber Criminal Syndicate Uncovered

In a major crackdown on cybercrime, Kuchaikot Police arrested three individuals and seized a massive haul of 8,774 SIM cards from various telecom companies. The arrests were made on Thursday, April 4th, near the Balthari check post located on the Uttar Pradesh-Bihar border.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Mohammad Asmaul Shaikh (24) from Sujapur, West Bengal, Mohammad Iqbal Hussain (34) from Bromotor, and Noor Alam (39) from Mosimpur. All three are currently under police interrogation.

Alert Police Nab Suspects During Routine Vehicle Check

According to Superintendent of Police (SP) Swarn Prabhat, the arrests were a result of intensified vehicle checks being conducted in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections starting April 19th. During a routine check, a car with a West Bengal registration plate was stopped near the Balthari check post. Upon thorough examination, police discovered the large quantity of SIM cards and Rs. 18,800 in Nepali currency. The car has also been seized for further investigation.

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Authorities Investigate Mobile Phone Transactions, Suspect International Ring

Examination of a mobile phone found with the suspects revealed financial transactions worth lakhs of rupees (hundreds of thousands). Police suspect the involvement of an international cybercrime ring and are actively working to apprehend other members of the gang.

“Our investigation suggests these individuals were planning to buy SIM cards in Delhi and transport them to Nepal. Some of the cards were activated, while others were not,” said SP Prabhat. “The mobile phones found with the accused show transactions worth lakhs of rupees. We are planning to arrest all other criminals associated with this gang. A thorough investigation is underway to trace their entire network.”

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This significant bust by the Kuchaikot Police highlights the ongoing efforts to combat cybercrime activities in the region. The large number of seized SIM cards suggests a potential attempt at large-scale fraud or other malicious activities. Further investigation is expected to reveal more details about the international racket’s operations.

Key Points:

  • Kuchaikot Police arrested 3 cyber criminals on Thursday, April 4th.
  • The arrest happened near the Balthari check post on the UP-Bihar border.
  • Police seized 8,774 SIM cards of various companies and Rs. 18,800 in Nepali currency.
  • The arrested are Mohammad Asmaul Shaikh, Mohammad Iqbal Hussain and Noor Alam.
  • Police suspect the involvement of an international cybercrime ring.
  • Transactions worth lakhs of rupees were found on a mobile phone seized by police.

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