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Facebook Inheritance Scam Leaves Rajkot Trader Rs 16 Lakh Poorer – You Have to Read How It Happened

Rajkot trader loses Rs 16L in US bank inheritance scam. Police probe underway; citizens cautioned on online frauds.



Rajkot trader loses Rs 16L in US bank inheritance scam. Police probe underway; citizens cautioned on online frauds.

RAJKOT: Nilesh Patel, a businessman from Rajkot engaged in online trading, became the latest victim of an intricate scam, losing a staggering Rs 16 lakh in the process. The scam promised Patel an alluring sum of $78 lakh allegedly left by a wealthy businessman with no heirs, supposedly deposited in an American bank.

The incident came to light when Patel filed a complaint with the cybercrime police station in Rajkot on Thursday, outlining the sequence of events that led to his significant financial loss. The scammer, operating under the guise of “Natasha Mitra” on Facebook, initiated contact with Patel in July of the previous year. Mitra’s profile reached out to Patel with a message filled with the promise of ‘something special’, igniting a conversation that soon moved to email communications.

As per Patel’s complaint, the individual masquerading as Mitra introduced himself as the chief administration officer at NYCB Bank in the United States. This person went to the extent of providing Patel with a copy of an identity card to cement the trust. The scam unfolded as the fraudster informed Patel about an Indian businessman who had passed away in the US, leaving behind a substantial deposit of $75 lakh in the bank, with no immediate heirs to claim it.

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Seizing what seemed like an opportune moment, the scammer offered Patel a chance to claim the deceased businessman’s deposit as his heir. However, the catch was that Patel had to agree to part with 60% of the deposit. The ruse deepened as Patel was instructed to appoint an advocate in the US to facilitate the process, leading him to transfer approximately Rs 16 lakh for the supposed legal fees and procedures.

The scam didn’t stop there; Patel was further asked to send an additional Rs 20 lakh. It was at this juncture that Patel sensed the deceit and decided to take action by lodging an online complaint with the cybercrime police, in hopes of bringing the scammer to justice.

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This incident serves as a grim reminder of the sophisticated and convincing tactics employed by cybercriminals to defraud unsuspecting victims. Cyber scams have seen a disturbing rise, leveraging social media platforms to target individuals with promises of quick wealth. The cybercrime unit of Rajkot is currently investigating Patel’s case, aiming to track down the perpetrators behind this elaborate scam.

Authorities are urging citizens to remain vigilant and skeptical of unsolicited messages promising large sums of money, especially those requiring upfront payments. The public is advised to report any suspicious online activity to the police, helping prevent further instances of cyber fraud.


  • Nilesh Patel from Rajkot loses Rs 16 lakh in a cyber scam promising $78 lakh inheritance from a US bank.
  • The scam started with a Facebook message from a profile named “Natasha Mitra.”
  • Scammer, posing as a bank officer from NYCB Bank, USA, used a fake ID to gain trust.
  • Patel paid for legal fees to claim the fake inheritance but grew suspicious upon being asked for more money.
  • The case is under investigation by Rajkot cybercrime police after Patel filed a complaint.
  • Public urged to be cautious of online scams asking for upfront payments.

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