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Space Fortified: ISRO Chairman Reveals Battle Plan Against Cyber Threats AT c0c0n 2023



Space Fortified: ISRO Chairman Reveals Battle Plan Against Cyber Threats AT c0c0n 2023

KOCHI:  In a compelling address at the 16th edition of the C0C0N conference, the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), S Somanath, spotlighted the escalating cybersecurity threats that the Indian space sector faces. With hundreds of daily cyberattacks on their computer networks, the critical need for a robust defense against these potential threats was emphasized.

The Invisible Battle in Cyberspace

ISRO, responsible for a wide range of space missions, has taken a proactive approach to safeguard its systems. Somanath outlined stringent measures and network isolation to ensure a clear separation between internal and external networks. However, despite these precautions, cyberattacks targeting satellite signals and spoofing attempts have been observed, indicating the evolving tactics of adversaries.

Cybersecurity Threats Loom Large

The magnitude of cybersecurity threats in today’s digital world is undeniable, and the space sector is not immune. Chairman Somanath revealed that ISRO’s computer networks witness hundreds of hacking attempts daily, posing a severe risk to critical space missions and sensitive data.

Apart from software security, ISRO is also focusing on the safety of hardware chips inside rockets. The transition from monitoring single satellites to overseeing multiple satellites simultaneously underscores the growth of the sector.

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Unyielding Challenges in Space Security

A significant challenge lies in the long-term functionality of hardware and software aboard satellites. Unlike traditional systems, space systems remain unchanged for up to 15 years due to the lack of upgrade options, making them increasingly susceptible to cyber threats as technology rapidly advances.

Cybersecurity as a Design Parameter

Somanath stressed that cybersecurity is no longer just a function; it has become a pivotal design parameter. Integrating cybersecurity measures during the design phase itself is crucial to ensure resilience and safeguard operations.

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The Human Element in Cyber Defense

Human oversight plays a substantial role in the defense mechanism. Vigilant monitoring and round-the-clock surveillance of critical systems are essential. Teams analyze various parameters to ensure optimal functioning and promptly identify any discrepancies. Combining human vigilance with advanced technologies is vital in creating a robust defense against cyber threats.

Building a Strong Cybersecurity Ecosystem

To effectively combat emerging threats, ISRO is developing a robust cybersecurity ecosystem, including specialized teams for cybersecurity planning and response. India’s investment in AI and machine learning technologies presents new challenges, as AI-driven attacks demand heightened vigilance and technological advancements.

The Growing Digital Landscape

India’s rapid digital growth with millions of users coming online has led to a thriving digital economy and increased digital payments. With this expansion, Chairman Somanath emphasized that cybersecurity is not just about securing digital assets but is a matter of national security.

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The Call to Arms

Chairman S Somanath concluded by rallying India’s tech community to join the cybersecurity crusade. The nation needs skilled professionals to defend against cyber threats, as cybersecurity is not just about technology but also about safeguarding the nation’s digital future.

Quantum Technologies: A Ray of Hope

In the face of escalating threats, quantum technologies emerge as a potential solution. ISRO has made significant strides in quantum communication, employing quantum key distribution to fortify encryption. Quantum technologies, particularly quantum computing, hold promise in enhancing cybersecurity by enhancing encryption capabilities and fortifying the security infrastructure.

Somanath stressed the importance of collaboration in the battle against cyber threats. The advent of AI and machine learning brings new dimensions to cybersecurity, demanding a collective effort from technology companies, research institutions, and cybersecurity experts. Together, they form a formidable force, essential for safeguarding India’s digital future.

The conference echoed the call for unity, shared knowledge, and collaborative innovation, emphasizing the collective responsibility to secure the nation’s digital backbone and protect its critical assets from potential cyber threats.

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