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Jharkhand CID Tracks 8000 Bank Accounts Linked to Cyber Fraud Scandal, Deoghar Surpasses Jamtara In Cyber Fraud Accounts



Jharkhand CID Uncovers 8000 Bank Accounts Linked to Cyber Fraud Scandal

JHARKHAND: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Jharkhand Police has compiled a comprehensive database containing information on approximately 8000 bank accounts linked to cyber fraud activities within the state. This crucial data has been instrumental in initiating investigations to identify the account holders involved in these illicit activities. Moreover, the CID has shared this data with bank officials during a meeting held on January 12, aiming to expedite the identification process.

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District Breakdown and Surprising Statistics

Within this trove of data, it has come to light that a staggering 2000 of these suspicious bank accounts are concentrated in Deoghar district alone. Astonishingly, nearly 20 percent of these accounts can be traced back to various branches of the State Bank of India. The revelation has sent shockwaves throughout the region, raising questions about the extent of cyber fraud in the state.

While Jamtara district has been notorious for cyber fraud activities in the past, Deoghar district has now surpassed it in terms of the number of suspicious accounts. This revelation has prompted inquiries into whether the state may be harboring more than 8000 cyber fraudsters or if there is a different explanation behind this concerning statistic.

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Renting Accounts for Ill-Gotten Gains

A recent incident involving Delhi Police has shed light on the modus operandi of cyber fraudsters. According to reports, a cyber fraud gang was exposed, revealing that they would rent bank accounts from individuals to funnel their ill-gotten gains. In return for the use of these accounts, the account holders received a commission of 10 percent. This startling revelation adds another layer to the ongoing investigation into cyber fraud activities in Jharkhand.

Unwavering Success in the Fight Against Cyber Crime

The CID team, under the leadership of CID DG Anurag Gupta, has been achieving remarkable success in its relentless pursuit of cyber criminals. Leveraging the Pratibimb portal, the police have registered 90 cases and apprehended 468 individuals involved in cyber fraud. Additionally, they have confiscated 1635 SIM cards and seized 1107 mobile phones, further disrupting the operations of cyber criminals in the state.

As the investigation continues, the CID remains committed to dismantling cyber fraud networks and ensuring that those involved face the consequences of their actions.


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