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KYC Update Fraud: How Scammer Who Cheated Actor Annu Kapoor Of Rs 4.3 Lakh Was Arrested



KYC Update Fraud: How Scammer Who Cheated Actor Annu Kapoor Of Rs. 4.3 Lakh Was Arrested

MUMBAI: A 28-year-old man was arrested in Mumbai on Wednesday, almost two months after he allegedly stole Rs 4.36 lakh from Bollywood actor Annu Kapoor by saying he needed to update his bank KYC details. Ashish Paswan, who was wanted, was caught on Monday in the suburb of Andheri.

Ashish Paswan is from Darbhanga, which is in the state of Bihar. An official said that when he helps people open bank accounts, he gets paid a commission. Ashish was tracked by a special team using technical evidence, his cell phone number, and information about online transactions. In addition, the photos the accused provided while opening his account with the private bank, where Annu Kapoor also has an account, matched.

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During the investigation, it was found that Ashish had called Annu Kapoor in September and said he was an executive at the main branch of the private bank.

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He told the actor that his “Know Your Customer” (KYC) information was not up to date in the bank’s records and that his account would be closed if he didn’t do something right away. Under the pretence of finishing the process, the fraudster got the actor’s banking information and asked him to share the OTP (One-Time Password).

Actor Annu Kapoor with Mumbai police after he was cheated by the scammer

After a while, Anuu Kapoor got a call from the bank’s customer service number. The caller told him that his account had been hacked and that 4.36 lakh had been transferred without his permission.

Annu Kapoor was so shocked that she ran to the Oshiwara police station to file a report. The FIR said that because the police and bank manager moved quickly, Rs 3.08 lakh of the 4.36 lakh that was moved into two different bank accounts was “debit frozen.”

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