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Major Hawala Operator Supplying Bank Accounts and SIM Cards in Dubai Busted by Uttarakhand Police

Uttarakhand Police busts major hawala operator, exposing a Rs 10 crore cyber scam. Stay informed on the latest cybercrime developments.



Major Hawala Operator Supplying Bank Accounts and SIM Cards in Dubai Busted by Uttarakhand Police
Uttarakhand Police Busts Cyber Crime Network: 104 Cases and 2327 Crimes Revealed

In a major victory against cybercrime, the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttarakhand Police has arrested a notorious hawala operator involved in supplying bank accounts and SIM cards in Dubai. The accused, identified as Moradiya Hardik Kumar Bhagwan Bhai, 32, a resident of Surat, Gujarat, was actively involved in cybercrimes and hawala operations across the country.

Modus Operandi Exposed

Hardik’s modus operandi involved creating fraudulent websites and posing as an employee of Flight Network. Through Telegram groups, he lured individuals into various tasks, including booking flights. This ultimately led to fraudulent activities, causing significant financial losses to unsuspecting victims.

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Nationwide Impact

The arrest has unearthed a national scam spanning 104 cases and 2327 cybercrimes linked to Hardik. The police seized crucial evidence, including 42 debit cards, 30 cheque books, 20 micro SIM cards, a Dubai Metro card, a Dubai SIM card, a passport, a card-swiping machine, and seals of three fake companies.

International Reach Thwarted

Further investigation revealed that Hardik used fake SIM ID cards and travelled to Dubai and Thailand to supply cyber fraud kits containing SIM cards and bank accounts. However, the timely intervention of Uttarakhand Police prevented him from delivering 40 bank accounts to Dubai the following week.

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Charges Across Multiple States

Hardik faces charges in multiple states, including Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and Andhra Pradesh. This translates to 104 FIRs and 2327 criminal linkages across India. Notably, he had 36 criminal linkages against him in Uttarakhand alone.

Financial Misappropriation

Hardik’s ICICI bank account, opened under the name of a shell company, had 11 complaints on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, including four FIRs.

Uttarakhand Police Applauds Team Effort

SSP STF Ayush Agrawal commended the efforts of the Uttarakhand Special Task Force/Cyber Police Station Dehradun in combatting cybercrime. He emphasized their commitment to sending a strong message to cyber criminals, irrespective of their location, and their determination to continue safeguarding citizens from cyber threats.

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Cooperation for Further Action

The supervisory officer, Deputy SP Ankush Mishra, and Investigation officer, Inspector Vijay Bharti, are available for assistance and coordination with other states regarding the criminal linkages of the arrested accused. The concerning states/UTs may apply for production warrant .

This successful operation by the Uttarakhand Police serves as a reminder of the growing threat of cybercrime and the importance of coordinated efforts to combat it. The apprehension of Hardik Kumar Bhagwan Bhai is a significant step towards ensuring the safety and security of citizens across the country.

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