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Man Posing as Flipkart Manager Busted in Rs 13 Crore Crypto Scam, Dehradun Police Bust Network Across 12 States

In a dramatic 2300-kilometer operation, Dehradun police arrested a crucial member of an online crypto trading fraud gang, shedding light on a national scam worth over Rs 13 crore.



Man Posing as Flipkart Manager Busted in Rs 13 Crore Crypto Scam, Dehradun Police Bust Network Across 12 States
From Likes to Crypto Crores: Inter-State Scam Busted, Police Trace Rs 13 Crore Web

DEHRADUN: A team from the Dehradun Cyber Police Station has arrested a member of an organized gang involved in a nationwide online scam worth Rs 13 crore. The gang lured victims into investing in cryptocurrency and completing tasks like liking and subscribing to YouTube channels, promising profits but ultimately defrauding them of their money.

The arrest, made in Davangere, Karnataka, marks a significant development in the investigation that began with a complaint filed in Dehradun. The complainant alleged that unknown individuals posing as Flipkart’s gift-giving manager contacted him through WhatsApp.

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The complainant said that they enticed him with the prospect of earning profits by completing simple tasks like liking and subscribing to YouTube channels. Subsequently, they added him to a Telegram group and sent him links to various websites, urging him to invest in cryptocurrency for even greater returns.

Falling prey to their elaborate scheme, the victim ended up transferring a total of Rs 18,11,000 to the cybercriminals through various online transactions under the guise of tasks and cryptocurrency investments. Realizing he had been duped, the victim approached the Dehradun Cyber Police Station, leading to the registration of a case under Sections 420, 120B of the Indian Penal Code and 66(D) of the Information Technology Act.

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Cyber Police Station Inspector Vikas Bhardwaj took charge of the investigation and meticulously pieced together the puzzle. Police team discovered that the victim’s money was transferred to accounts in Delhi and Jaipur, Rajasthan. Based on this crucial lead, the team apprehended two accused, Qadir Khan and Anish Khan, from Rajasthan earlier.

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Undeterred, police team continued their relentless pursuit of the remaining culprits. Through painstaking efforts, they gathered evidence linking another member, Raghavendra, to the scam. Finally, after a long journey to Davangere, Karnataka, amidst harsh weather conditions, they successfully apprehended Raghavendra.

Scammer Raghvendra arrested by Dehradun Police from Karnataka.

Modus Operandi:

The cybercrime gang’s modus operandi involved:

Impersonation: They posed as Flipkart’s gift-giving manager to gain the victims’ trust.

Luring with Promises: They enticed victims with the promise of easy profits through simple tasks and cryptocurrency investments.

Telegram Group Manipulation: They used Telegram groups to share links to fraudulent websites and solicit investments.

Money Laundering: They transferred the stolen money to various bank accounts and subsequently converted it into cryptocurrency for further concealment.

Dehradun police said that the investigation revealed that the arrested accused, Raghavendra, faces complaints in 11 other states across India, including Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Telangana. The details of these complaints will be shared with the respective state authorities for further action.


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