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Nagpur Businessman Cheated Of Rs 18 Lakh By Conmen Posing As Army Officers



Medical Equipment Fraud: Nagpur Businessman Cheated Of Rs 18 Lakh By Conmen Posing As Army Officers

NAGPUR: Two cyber-fraudsters posing as Army officers over the phone and duped a 50-year-old Nagpur businessman into sending Rs 18.83 lakh under the guise of paying for medical equipment for the Army hospital.

The businessman, who deals with medical equipment, received a phone call from the fraudster on December 12 inquiring about equipments for the Army Cantonment hospital in Kamptee.

“The individual stated that he wants to purchase two ECG machines and requested to send a quote. I sent him the quotation, and he got ready to pay Rs 1,90,400, and he agreed to acquire the equipment,” the complainant informed cops.

The same evening, another gang member impersonating the second officer called the businessman to finalise the transaction. After obtaining the complainant’s bank account information, the fraudster instructed him to transfer Rs 5 and he would receive double the amount.

He stated that this procedure is being followed because the government has opened a bank account for them. “Because they said they were from the Indian Army, I trusted them and followed their directions,” the complainant informed authorities.

The complainant initially sent Rs 5, and Rs 10 was returned to his account. The fraudster then asked him to provide Rs 45,000, which he did but did not receive the promised Rs 90,000. The fraudster contacted again, saying there was a problem with the transaction and requesting Rs 50,000 via Google Pay.

The complainant sent an additional Rs 50,000 but did not receive it. “The accused kept making excuses and duped me into depositing Rs 18.83 lakh,” the complainant stated. The merchant subsequently went to the police station with his bank statement, and an FIR was filed at the Sitabardi police station.

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