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Mumbai Techie’s Desperate Plea: Claims Hackers Are Manipulating His Life Through Microchip



Mumbai Techie's Desperate Plea: Claims Hackers Are Manipulating His Life Through Microchip

MUMBAI: A Kandivali resident, Sachin Sonawane, is living in fear, suspecting he may be bugged with a microchip after his online accounts were hacked and his heart rate mysteriously spiked. The Metropolitan Magistrate has ordered Charkop police to investigate his claims, bringing a sci-fi twist to a real-life cybersecurity nightmare.

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Tech Savvy Victim Sounds Alarm

Sonawane, a tech-savvy individual with years of experience in software solutions, first noticed the trouble when his online accounts, including social media, Gmail, and even shopping portals, were compromised. Despite changing passwords and taking precautions, the hacker remained a persistent ghost in his digital life.

“He even switched phones and SIM cards, but the hacker followed him to his new Gmail account,” Sonawane’s lawyer, Prakash Salshingikar, explained. This relentless intrusion led Sonawane to a chilling suspicion: a microchip implanted in his body.

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Beyond the Digital Realm

The alleged bugging wasn’t limited to online breaches. Sonawane claimed that his heart rate inexplicably increased on multiple occasions, adding a potentially life-threatening element to the situation.

From Frustration to Court

Frustrated by the lack of action from authorities despite writing to the Mumbai Police Commissioner, Zonal Deputy Commissioner, and the local police station, Sonawane sought legal recourse. The Metropolitan Magistrate, recognizing the seriousness of the allegations, directed Charkop police to officially register and investigate his complaint.

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Microchip Mystery: Fact or Fiction?

While the microchip claim remains unverified, the case raises concerns about online security and the vulnerability of our digital lives. Sonawane’s experience serves as a stark reminder to be vigilant about online safety and to report any suspicious activity.

The Charkop police investigation will hopefully shed light on the truth behind this unusual case, providing answers and, hopefully, restoring Sonawane’s sense of security and peace of mind.


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