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ONGC Employee’s Shocking Rs 27 Lakh Loss in Investment Scam: What You Need to Know!

ONGC staffer duped of Rs 27 Lakh in stock scam by fake ad. Police file case against three suspects in Nagpur.



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A case of financial deceit has come to light involving a Mumbai-based employee of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). The victim, identified as 35-year-old Nilesh Khapare, has reported a substantial loss of Rs 27 lakh in what appears to be a stock market investment scam.

Khapare, whose professional commitments are with ONGC in Mumbai, found himself ensnared by a seemingly lucrative investment opportunity during his time in Nagpur. The advertisement, which caught his attention on a social media platform, promised enticing returns of 5 to 10 per cent on stock market investments. In pursuit of these promised profits, Khapare engaged with the advertisement, leading to his phone number being incorporated into an exclusive group. Subsequently, he was provided with a user ID and password following his registration, marking his entry into the scheme.

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Driven by the assurance of high returns, Khapare transferred a sum of Rs 26.85 lakh into specified bank accounts. This investment, however, resulted in neither the promised profits nor the return of the principal amount, plunging him into a financial debacle.

In response to this fraudulent activity, Khapare took legal action, leading to the registration of a case against three individuals: Aryan Reddy, Pooja, and Jiya Shankar. The authorities have lodged the complaint under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act, reflecting the gravity of the cyber financial crime. The case is currently under investigation by the Yashaodhara Nagar police station, as the police delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this deceitful scheme.

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The I4C division of India’s Home Ministry has issued an advisory urging citizens to exercise caution before investing based on information received through social media or unknown WhatsApp groups.

The I4C, short for ‘Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre’, is a central agency under the Home Ministry tasked with tackling cybercrime in the country. The advisory emphasizes the importance of being informed and verifying investment opportunities before committing any funds.

Specific details from the I4C advisory likely include:

  • Warning signs of social media investment scams: The advisory might highlight red flags like unrealistic guaranteed returns, pressure to invest quickly, and limited information about the investment platform or company.
  • Recommendations for safe investing: The I4C may advise consulting with registered financial advisors, researching investment platforms through official channels, and only investing on legitimate websites.
  • Reporting suspicious activity: The advisory could encourage citizens to report any suspicious investment offers received on social media or WhatsApp groups to the authorities.

By incorporating these details, you can create a more comprehensive picture of the Home Ministry’s efforts to combat investment scams targeting unsuspecting individuals through social media platforms.

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