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Vijayawada Police organizes ‘Recovery Mela’ for 628 Smartphones worth over Rs. 1 Crore



In a commendable effort, the Vijayawada Cyber Crime Police have successfully recovered 628 smartphones worth approximately one crore rupees and returned them to their rightful owners. The recovery process was initiated after collecting details of the lost phones from the victims through a chatbot, leading to the organized recovery mela held today at the Vijayawada Command Control Cell.

Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) Adhiraj Singh Rana IPS and Kanchi Srinivasa Rao IPS, and Inspector Cyber Crime, Komakula Sivaji, the recovery mela witnessed the handover of the recovered smartphones to the victims. The meticulous efforts of the Vijayawada Cyber Crime Police have not only resulted in the retrieval of valuable electronic devices but also provided a sense of relief to the affected individuals.

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The recovery process began with the collection of detailed information about the lost smartphones from the victims through a chatbot system. This innovative approach enabled the police to efficiently gather relevant data and initiate targeted efforts towards recovering the stolen devices.

The successful recovery and subsequent return of the smartphones to their owners highlight the effectiveness of proactive measures undertaken by law enforcement agencies in combating cybercrime. The timely intervention and diligent efforts of the Vijayawada Cyber Crime Police have not only restored valuable assets to the victims but also reaffirmed the commitment of the police force towards ensuring public safety and security in the digital realm.

The organized recovery mela served as a platform for the victims to reclaim their lost smartphones, thereby bringing closure to their ordeal. The collaborative efforts of the Vijayawada Cyber Crime Police, coupled with the utilization of advanced technology such as chatbots, underscore the importance of adopting innovative strategies in tackling modern-day challenges posed by cybercrime.

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