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Online Bribery: Checkpoint Officials Get Bribes Through UPI Apps



Online Bribery: Checkpoint Officials Get Bribes Through UPI Apps

Mangaluru Lokayukta police clamped down on transport department personnel at the interstate checkpoint in Talapady, close to Mangaluru, and discovered them engaging in criminality and bribery using UPI mobile payment applications like as GooglePay and PhonePe.

At approximately 7:30 p.m, all truck drivers were at the checkpoint to pay a bribe, or “mamul.” The corrupt practices continued due to the malfunctioning CCTV cameras in financially important areas where interstate transportation is inspected. Three Lokayukta officers in civilian attire observed transporters giving over “mamul” to checkpoint authorities.

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We discovered close to Rs 2 lakh in unauthorized funds that was paid using GPay. The majority of transporters that take bribes are from other states, notably Kerala. The checkpoint is equipped with CCTV cameras, but they were ineffective, according to Laxmi Ganesh K, superintendent of police for the Mangaluru Lokayukta Division.

He continued, “We will verify the intermediaries’ and RTO’s bank account information. The staff and intermediaries utilised GPay to send funds to the bank accounts of officers. Some transporters pay the fee through the mobile applications of middlemen who transmit the funds to RTO personnel.”

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During the operation, a truck driver who carries goods from Kerala to a fish oil plant in Ullal, near Mangaluru, was also present at the checkpoint. When asked by SP Laxmi Ganesh how much he pays in bribes for each trip, the driver stated on video that he pays Rs 100.

Another truck driver caught red-handed giving bribes confessed on tape that he pays Rs 200 every trip on three journeys per month and that they pay at each checkpoint.

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