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Pune Woman Loses Rs 14 Lakh in Elaborate Online Scam; Forced to Disrobe on Camera

A Pune woman was tricked into sending Rs 14 lakh after fraudsters claimed a parcel with drugs was linked to her. They even forced her to disrobe on camera! This “drugs in parcel” scam is on the rise.



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A 28-year-old woman in Pune has become the victim of a  cyber fraud, losing a staggering Rs 14 lakh in a scam known as the ‘drugs in parcel’ scheme. The woman, who works for a private company, was targeted by criminals who impersonated various figures of authority to extort money from her.

The Ordeal Begins

The scam began a few weeks ago when the woman received a call from individuals claiming to be representatives of a courier service. They fabricated a story about a parcel she supposedly sent to Taiwan containing illegal items – five expired passports and a significant amount of drugs (950 grams). Despite her repeated denials of ever sending such a package, the fraudsters persisted.

Fake NCB Officers Enter the Scene

The scam escalated when the woman received calls from people posing as officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). These fake officials made false accusations, claiming her bank account was linked to terrorist activities. To “clear her name,” they instructed her to transfer all her funds to “government beneficiary” accounts – which were, of course, fraudulent accounts controlled by the scammers.

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Humiliation and Financial Loss

The horrifying ordeal didn’t stop there. The fraudsters, in a further attempt to extort money, forced the woman to sit in front of a camera and disrobe under the pretense of a police investigation, claiming they needed to see her moles and birthmarks for identification. Thankfully, after enduring this humiliation and significant financial loss, the woman realized she was being scammed and bravely approached the Vimantal police station to file a First Information Report (FIR).

Police Take Action

The Pune police are investigating the case seriously. In addition to charges under the Information Technology Act for cybercrime, they have also invoked Section 354B of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with the assault or criminal force used on a woman with the intent to disrobe her.

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A Growing Threat: ‘Drugs in Parcel’ Scams

The ‘drugs in parcel’ scam is a growing concern, with multiple cases reported in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad in recent years. The modus operandi involves impersonating international courier companies, law enforcement personnel (including IPS officers), and using scare tactics to coerce victims into transferring money.

Staying Safe From Cybercrime

This incident serves as a stark reminder to be cautious of unsolicited calls and messages, especially those claiming to involve legal issues or urgent action. Law enforcement agencies will never ask for money or personal information over the phone. If you receive a suspicious call, it’s best to hang up and directly contact the relevant authorities yourself.

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