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Retired Woman IAS Officer Latest Victim Of Alcohol Delivery Scam, Loses Rs 2 Lakh



Retired IAS Officer Latest Victim Of Alcohol Delivery Scam, Loses Rs 2 Lakh

GURGAON: A retired woman IAS officer was allegedly scammed out of about Rs 2 lakh on the pretext of home delivery of booze, for which she had placed an order online.

According to Sushant Lok resident Zohra Chatterji, she was busy preparing for a party on July 23 when she placed an order on the website: at about 6 p.m.

“I received a phone call on my cell phone. I furnished my credit card number and even the one-time password (OTP) because I was in a rush. As it was the time of the arrival of visitors and because I trusted the caller,” Chatterji explained.

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Chatterji stated in her complaint, “I received an SMS that Rs 630 was debited from my credit card, however subsequently I saw a transaction of 1,92,477.50 from my credit card.”

Several other people have been tricked through the website in the past, according to the police, and on August 1, the Gurugram police arrested three members of a gang who duped a guy out of over a lakh rupees by promising to deliver whiskey to his home.

“We have placed the mobile number used in the fraud under surveillance and are conducting an investigation. The accused would be apprehended as soon as possible,” stated cyber crime police station (east) SHO Bijender Kumar in response to the retired IAS officer’s accusation.

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Meanwhile, in a separate development, the Maharashtra cyber department advised people to be wary of online fraud and not to reply to video calls, friend requests from strange people, or threatening calls from people impersonating police personnel. This development comes after the state cyber department received multiple complaints, as well as reports of people being misled under the guise of utility bills, via loan applications, and online marketplaces, according to a department official. People must be cautious before applying for anything online or clicking any link.

Scammers create several fake websites and offer home delivery of alcohol in different parts of Delhi and NCR. As an easy solution people fall for such websites. Police said alcohol cannot be home delivered in Delhi NCR and these services are illegal.

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