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Tech-Driven Sextortion: How Scammers Made Nude Video Calls To Businessman For Extortion



This Union Minister Faces Sextortion Call via WhatsApp

MORADABAD: Authorities in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, have apprehended five individuals involved in a sextortion racket that targeted local businessmen. The scam busted by the police, operated through explicit video calls threatening the victims with the release of compromising footage unless they paid substantial sums of money.

The scammers, using technology, lured their victims into engaging in video calls of a sexual nature. These calls were recorded secretly without the victims’ knowledge. Subsequently, the accused would threaten to publicly share the compromising footage unless the targeted individuals complied with their financial demands.

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Upon receiving several complaints from distressed businessmen falling prey to this extortion tactic, law enforcement agencies swiftly initiated an investigation. Through diligent efforts, they identified and apprehended five suspects believed to be the masterminds behind the scam.

Inspector General of Police (IG) Moradabad Zone, Ramit Sharma, stated, “The arrested individuals used fake profiles on social media to lure businessmen. They then recorded their video calls and demanded money from them, threatening to make their videos viral.”

The IG emphasized the importance of digital vigilance and urged citizens to exercise caution while interacting online, especially when approached by unknown individuals.

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The five arrested individuals are currently in police custody, facing charges related to extortion and cybercrime. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the full extent of their operations and to determine if there are any additional accomplices involved.

Authorities have advised individuals who might have fallen victim to similar schemes to come forward and report such incidents promptly. The police have assured the public of their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment, urging citizens to remain vigilant against online threats and promptly report any suspicious activities.

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Modus Operandi Of Sextortionist Gangs

  • Targeting: Scammers use fake profiles to connect with individuals on social media or dating platforms.
  • Building Trust: They gain the victim’s trust and escalate conversations to explicit content like video calls.
  • Recording: Scammers secretly record these interactions without the victim’s knowledge.
  • Threats and Extortion: They threaten to release the explicit content unless the victim pays money or complies with their demands.
  • Harassment and Demands: Scammers pressure victims for immediate payment and might continue demanding more money or favors.

How To Stay Safe From Sextortion:

  1. Be Vigilant: Stay cautious when interacting with strangers online, especially on social media or dating platforms.
  2. Limit Sharing: Avoid sharing personal or intimate content with individuals you’ve just met online or do not know well.
  3. Verify Identities: Verify the identity of people you connect with online before engaging in sensitive conversations or activities.
  4. Disable Location Services: Turn off location services to prevent the inadvertent sharing of your whereabouts.
  5. Secure Privacy Settings: Regularly review and tighten your privacy settings on social media to control who can view your content.
  6. Use Strong Passwords: Employ strong, unique passwords for your accounts to prevent unauthorized access.
  7. Avoid Impulsive Actions: Refrain from complying with threats or demands made by unknown individuals online.
  8. Trust Your Instincts: If something feels suspicious or uncomfortable, trust your instincts and cease communication.
  9. Report Suspicious Activity: Report any suspicious behavior or sextortion attempts to authorities immediately.
  10. Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest scams and educate yourself on how to stay safe online.

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