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Two Arrested For Impersonating South Indian Actor Arya And Cheating Sri Lankan Woman Of Rs 65 Lakh



Two Arrested For Impersonating South Indian Actor Arya And Cheating Sri Lankan Woman Of Rs 65 Lakh

CHENNAI: Two cybercriminals were sent to jail by the cybercrime unit of the Chennai city police for impersonating Kollywood actor Arya and defrauding a Sri Lankan Tamil woman living in Germany by promising to marry her after taking Rs 65 lakh from her.

Digital Tracking Helped in Cracking The Case

The accused, identified as Mohammad Arman and Mohammad Hussaini of Pulianthope, were narrowed down by the cybercrime wing police, lead by inspector of police Geetha, by following their cash inflow and their internet protocol (IP) addresses used for communicating with the victim.

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The two were apprehended from their homes by the police force.

Vidja, a Sri Lankan living in Germany, had written to the PMO and the President, claiming that the actor had received Rs 70.40 lakh from her and that the lockdown was causing him financial hardship. She went to court to file a complaint against him.

Actor Grilled Before Arresting Imposters

The actor had been summoned by the cybercrime wing of the police. He appeared twice in front of the police to explain how his name was misused.

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“After questioning Arya, we came to the conclusion that someone had impersonated him and swindled money from the woman,” a cybercrime wing police officer stated. Then we hunted down the suspects and apprehended them.

Claiming the incident as ‘real mental trauma’ Actor Arya expressed relief after the Chennai police department arrested impersonators. “I would like to thank Commissioner of Police @chennaipolice_ Additional Commissioner of Police-Central Crime Branch and Cyber Crime Team of Chennai city for arresting the Real culprit. It was a real mental trauma which I never expressed. Love to everyone who believed in me (sic),” he wrote on Twitter.

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