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Woman Defrauded of Rs 13 lakh In Facebook Gifting Scam; FIR Filed in Mumbai



Woman Defrauded of Rs 13 lakh In Facebook Gifting Scam; FIR Filed in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Another case of cyber fraud was reported in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, when a woman was defrauded of Rs 13.29 lakh. According to reports, the scammer pretended to be Dr Mark John and befriended the woman on Facebook in July. Under the guise of sending her a birthday gift worth Rs 37 lakh, gold ornaments, leather boots, dollars, and a purse, the fraudster tricked her into transferring the large sum to a bank account with the help of three accomplices who pretended to be agents.

An elderly widow in Nerul filed an FIR last week after being scammed of Rs 10.64 lakh by two fraudsters under the guise of giving gold and dollars for a social cause.

The fraudster called her on WhatsApp on July 12 and video called her from a UK-based phone number. They presented her with gifts that included US cash, jewellery, watches, and leather goods.

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He even assured her that his representative would contact her to arrange for the gifts to be delivered to her home. The victim, on the other hand, gave them the address of a friend.

On July 13, one of the agents, Rishi, called the woman and transferred Rs 29,000 to her account under the guise of courier fees. He demanded that she deposit Rs 1.50 lakh to a bank account as foreign currency charges for US Dollars 37 lakh two days later.

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Later, the woman was asked to pay a tax of Rs 6.50 lakh.

The woman contributed Rs 5 lakh again on July 17 as the agent wanted under the guise of acquiring an international monetary certificate.

The agent asked Rs 4 lakh more, which the woman refused, claiming she didn’t have any money and would pay it later. Shah, on the other hand, stated that he will only send her the gift if she completes the remainder of the money. The victim quickly realised she had been tricked and filed a FOR against the cyber criminals.

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