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Cyber Attack Fallout: Kyivstar’s Service Disruption Rattles Ukraine’s Telecommunications



Cyber Attack Fallout: Kyivstar's Service Disruption Rattles Ukraine's Telecommunications

Ukraine’s largest mobile network operator, Kyivstar, has reported experiencing a powerful cyber attack that has temporarily knocked out its cellular and internet signal. The company, owned by Amsterdam-listed mobile telecoms operator Veon, is currently working to restore services and has pledged to compensate customers for the disruption.

“We are working to repair the outage and cooperating with law enforcement bodies,” Kyivstar stated in a press release. The company also assured users that their personal data remains protected.

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While Kyivstar did not explicitly attribute the attack to any specific group, Ukrainian authorities have frequently accused Russia, currently engaged in a war with Ukraine, of orchestrating cyber attacks against the country’s infrastructure.

In a separate incident, Monobank, a major Ukrainian payment system, also reported experiencing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. However, the company’s co-founder assured users that the situation was under control and that no personal data was compromised.

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The cyber attacks on Kyivstar and Monobank are the latest in a series of cyber assaults targeting Ukraine since the war began. These attacks have disrupted essential services and caused widespread inconvenience to Ukrainian citizens.

It remains to be seen who is behind the attacks or what their motives might be. However, the incidents underscore the growing threat of cyber warfare in the current age and the need for increased vigilance and cybersecurity measures.

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Additional Information:

  • Date of attack: December 12, 2023
  • Affected services: Cellular and internet provided by Kyivstar, payment processing services by Monobank
  • Status of attack: ongoing
  • Attribution: unknown, but Ukrainian authorities suspect Russia
  • Data breach: no confirmed data breaches


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