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Beware Fake Calls! Uttarakhand Police Busts Insurance Fraud Gang, Catches Fake Job Call Center in Joint Operation

Uttarakhand Cyber Police crack a huge Rs. 37 lakh scam, nabbing 9 fraudsters behind fake insurance and job schemes



Beware Fake Calls! Uttarakhand Police Busts Insurance Fraud Gang, Catches Fake Job Call Center in Joint Operation

The Uttarakhand Cyber Police (STF) has arrested three members of a gang involved in a Rs 37 lakh insurance policy scam. The operation, which also involved the Delhi Police, led to the arrest of six more individuals running a fake call center involved in cyber fraud.

Modus Operandi of the Insurance Fraud Gang

The gang targeted victims by posing as SBI Smart Wealth Builder Policy officers. They convinced victims to open new policies or “rectify” existing ones with promises of high returns. The unsuspecting victims were then tricked into transferring money to various bank accounts controlled by the fraudsters.

Investigation and Arrests

Following a complaint from a resident of Dehradun who was duped of Rs 36,99,084, the Uttarakhand Cyber Police launched an investigation. Through technical analysis, they identified three accused – Ankit Singh (21), Mintu Kumar (30), and Gautam Kumar (26) – all residents of Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh.

During interrogation, Gautam Kumar revealed information about a call center in New Delhi involved in similar cyber frauds. The Uttarakhand Cyber Police then contacted the I4C (Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre) for assistance in coordinating a joint operation with the Delhi Police.

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Raiding the Fake Call Center

A joint raid on the call center in Burari, New Delhi, led to the arrest of six individuals. These accused were allegedly involved in offering fake jobs through and cheating victims by impersonating HDFC Bank employees. Special recognition must be given to the Uttarakhand Cyber Police team (ASI Sunil Bhatt, Mahesh Uniyal, and Sohan Badoni) for their extraordinary efforts. Their dedication not only led to the arrest of the three criminals in Uttarakhand but also played a crucial role in coordinating with the Delhi Police to simultaneously bust the fake call center in Delhi, resulting in the apprehension of six more perpetrators.

Uttarakhand Cyber Police Appreciates I4C’s Role

The Uttarakhand Cyber Police expressed gratitude to the I4C and its CEO, Rajesh Kumar, for facilitating the collaboration with the Delhi Police. This joint operation successfully dismantled two organized gangs involved in insurance fraud and fake job scams.

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Police Advisory

The Uttarakhand Police advises the public to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers claiming to be bank or policy company representatives. Before making any online payments, thoroughly verify the company’s details directly through their official website or customer care number (not searched online). In case of suspicion, contact the nearest police station or cybercrime police station immediately. For financial cybercrime emergencies, dial the national helpline number 1930.

The Uttarakhand Cyber Police is also creating public awareness campaigns through social media videos to educate people about cybercrime prevention.

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