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Cyber Crime

Punjab Govt has notified 28 new cybercrime Police Stations in the State, one in each District.



The Punjab Government has taken a significant step towards enhancing cybersecurity and combating digital crimes by announcing the establishment of 28 new cyber crime police stations across the state. These police stations will be set up in each district and police commissionerate, marking a strategic move to bolster efforts in addressing cyber-related offenses.

With the proliferation of digital technology and the increasing prevalence of cybercrimes, the establishment of dedicated cyber crime police stations is aimed at strengthening law enforcement’s capabilities to tackle such offenses effectively. These specialized units will focus on investigating various cybercrimes, including hacking, online fraud, identity theft, and cyberbullying, among others.

The decision to establish these cyber crime police stations underscores the Punjab Government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens in the digital realm. By expanding the network of law enforcement agencies dedicated to combating cybercrimes, the government aims to create a safer and more secure cyberspace for residents across the state.


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