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Uttarakhand STF and I4C Uncover Nationwide Cyber Fraud Operating Under the Guise of PM Mudra Loan Scheme



DEHRADUN: The Special Task Force (STF) of Uttarakhand in coordination with I4C, under the guidance of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ayush Agarwal, has successfully exposed a sophisticated cyber fraud gang. This group was orchestrating a nationwide scam under the guise of the PM Mudra Loan scheme, primarily targeting individuals in southern India.

In a detailed operation, the STF arrested two key members of this gang in the Premnagar area of Dehradun. The operation led to the recovery of RS. 1,31,100 in cash, 64 SIM cards, 11 ATM cards, 10 mobile phones, 2 passbooks, and cheque books from 7 different banks.

Cyber Gang’s Southern Connection

Investigations revealed that the gang mainly targeted residents of southern states, such as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. The gang’s operations were extensive, with fraudulent activities affecting hundreds of victims, leading to several complaints across these regions.

The STF’s action was based on a tip-off, which was corroborated by data from various web portals of the Ministry of Home Affairs under I4C. This data indicated a high level of cyber fraud activity in the Premnagar area of Dehradun, hinting at a well-entrenched network operating under the guise of the Mudra Loan scheme.

Inside the Cyber Fraud Network

SSP Ayush Agarwal shared insights into the gang’s operation. According to him, “Our team was on this case for several weeks,  analyzing the pattern of transactions and the flow of communication. The breakthrough came when we traced the fraudulent transactions to bank accounts linked to fake identities and mobile numbers actively used by the gang.”

The arrested individuals were identified as Rahul Choudhary alias Rahul Kanaujia, 30, from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and Siddhant Chauhan alias Siddh Chauhan, 22, from Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. During the interrogation, Choudhary revealed that he was brought to Dehradun by Deepak Raj Sharma, the alleged mastermind, who has been operating out of Dehradun for the past 4-5 years.

The Tactics of Deception

The gang’s modus operandi involved posing as government employees and offering to facilitate Mudra loans. They then tricked victims into transferring 5-10% of the purported loan amount as a commission or processing fee into their bank accounts. These accounts and associated mobile numbers were all fake, created solely for executing the scam.

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Choudhary’s testimony shed light on the gang’s extensive operations, indicating that they had members specifically targeting individuals from southern Indian states. The money thus collected was immediately withdrawn using ATMs, and the SIM cards used for communication were destroyed every 3-4 months to evade tracking.

Continued Vigilance and Investigation

The SSP emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation, stating, “Our work does not end with these arrests. We are on the trail of the mastermind, Deepak Raj Sharma, and are determined to dismantle this network completely.” He also highlighted the significant role played by Deputy Superintendent of Police Ankush Mishra and Dr. Rajesh Kumar, CEO of I4C under the Ministry of Home Affairs, in the operation.

The STF is actively pursuing leads to apprehend the remaining members of the gang and is closely monitoring the financial trails to prevent further fraudulent activities.

In light of these events, the SSP urged the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities or offers related to loan schemes. He reassured the community that the police are committed to safeguarding their interests and ensuring that such fraudsters are brought to justice.

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