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Motorists Beware: E-Challan Hoax Drains Bank Accounts in Sophisticated Cyber Fraud



A new type of cyber scam has emerged, targeting vehicle owners through fraudulent e-challan notifications. Scammers send out official-looking text messages, complete with specific vehicle registration numbers, tricking recipients into believing they are legitimate. One case reported by the Times of India involved a businessman from Pedder Road who fell victim to this scam, losing Rs 3 lakh through unauthorized credit card transactions after trying to clear fake traffic fines through a deceptive app named ‘vahanparivahann.apk’.

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How the E-Challan Scam Operates
The scam begins with a text message alerting the vehicle owner of outstanding e-challans. The message persuades the recipient to download an app, often by clicking on a provided link or through a file sent over WhatsApp, to view supposed photographic evidence of the traffic violation and pay the fine. However, this app, typically provided as an APK (Android Application Package) file from an untrusted source, is malicious. Once installed, it can compromise the user’s phone and financial information.

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Scams
Experts warn that downloading apps from third-party sources can be dangerous, as these apps bypass the security checks found in reputable app stores like Google Play Store. Cybersecurity professionals advise investing in reputable, paid anti-virus programs to reduce the risk of falling prey to such scams. They emphasize the importance of being cautious with unsolicited messages and verifying the authenticity of any app before downloading and installing it on your device.

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