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Inside Story: How FedEx Scammers Orchestrated Digital Arrests and Got Caught by Uttarakhand STF

– Uttarakhand STF makes history with the first digital arrest, busting a gang of FedEx scammers.
– The fraudsters, posing as crime branch officers, extorted over Rs 1 crore from an unsuspecting victim.



Inside Story: How FedEx Scammers Orchestrated Digital Arrests and Got Caught by Uttarakhand STF

The Uttarakhand Police’s Special Task Force (STF) has cracked down on a cyber fraud gang operating from Rajasthan, in the state’s first-ever “digital arrest” case. The gang, consisting of three arrested members, allegedly swindled a senior citizen from Dehradun over Rs 1 crore.

Modus Operandi of the Scam

According to the police, the  victim received a series of calls from the scammers claiming to be from FedEx Courier Company and the Mumbai Crime Branch. The fraudsters fabricated a story about the seizure of illegal passports and credit cards under the victim’s name by Mumbai Customs.

Through a video call on Skype, they impersonated police officers and falsely accused the victim of money laundering, drug smuggling, and identity concealment. Fabricated notices were sent claiming illegal transactions worth Rs 38 million in the victim’s accounts.

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Scarring by the threats and fake legal proceedings, the victim was forced to transfer “clearance money” to fake officers. The criminals then subjected the victim to a 24-hour audio-video surveillance through Skype, effectively placing him under a “digital arrest.” This psychological manipulation ultimately led the victim to transfer over Rs 1.13 crore to the fraudsters’ accounts.

Investigation and Arrests

Taking immediate action, the STF formed a team under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Ankush Mishra. The team’s investigation revealed that the gang operated from Kota, Rajasthan. Through tireless efforts, the police arrested three accused – Rakesh (30), Deepak Lakshkar (26), and Asif Ali (27) – and seized mobile phones, SIM cards, and Aadhaar cards from their possession.

Rakesh (30), Deepak Lakshkar (26), and Asif Ali (27) Arrested by Uttarakhand STF from Kota, Rajasthan

Rakesh (30), Deepak Lakshkar (26), and Asif Ali (27) Arrested by Uttarakhand STF from Kota, Rajasthan

Interstate Network and Public Awareness

The investigation further uncovered that the gang targeted victims nationwide, posing as law enforcement officials and accusing them of money laundering and drug smuggling. The STF is currently investigating potential links to a similar case filed in Delhi’s Dwarka Cyber Police Station.

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Senior Superintendent of Police, STF Uttarakhand, Ayush Aggarwal, issued a public advisory:

  • Be cautious of unsolicited calls and online offers promising quick money.
  • Verify all information independently before engaging with unknown entities.
  • Avoid searching for customer care numbers on search engines.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the nearest police station or cyber crime police station.
  • For financial cybercrime, contact the helpline number 1930 immediately.

This historic digital arrest underscores the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and the crucial need for public awareness and vigilance. The STF and Cyber Crime Unit of Uttarakhand have set a precedent in tackling cyber fraud, demonstrating their commitment to protecting citizens from digital deception. This case highlights the evolving tactics of cybercriminals and the importance of staying vigilant. By following these safety precautions and reporting suspicious activity, citizens can help combat cyber fraud.

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