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A Book To Answer All Your Cyber Security Education And Career Queries: Read Exclusive Interview With The Author



A Book To Answer All Your Cyber Security Education And Career Queries: Read Exclusive Interview With The Author

NEW DELHI: Do you want a rewarding job in cybersecurity? Start here! The book “Cyber Security : Career Paths & Progression” highlights the full range of exciting security careers and shows you exactly how to find the role that’s perfect for you. You’ll go through all the steps—from building the right skills to acing the interview.

It has been co-authored by Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare (Retd), Rakhi Wadhwani, and Evita K Breukal, who got their vast experiences in the cyber domain to guide you in selecting your career.

Cybersecurity Career Paths and Progression shows how to turn your existing technical skills into an awesome career in Cyber Security. In this practical guide, readers will explore popular cybersecurity jobs,  actionable advice, self-analysis exercises, and concrete techniques for building skills in your chosen career path to ensure you’re always taking concrete steps toward getting hired.

Here are excerpts from an exclusive chat with co-authored of this book Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare (Retd).

Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare (Retd)

Q: What was the idea behind the book?

Santosh: Cyber security is a domain with numerous specialised verticals requiring different skillsets. Educational institutes impart knowledge in this domain but do not cover the various job roles required and the career options available to the students. The professionals already working in this field are also looking for a switch in the same domain but are not aware of the job roles available which match their skillsets attained.

The idea behind the book “Cyber Security : Career Paths & Progression” was to list the various career options along with their job roles together so that anyone who wants to enter into cyber domain finds it easy to decide their career.

During the interaction with the students and cyber security enthusiasts the most frequent question which was always asked was how to get into the cyber domain and what skillsets are required to get a job.

Question: How is the book going to help a layman and experts from the industry?

Santosh: This book lists out various career options along with the job roles mapping them to the skill sets required for anyone who wants to find a job in the cyber domain. It also list the various professional courses and certifications required to attain particular skill sets. National and International educational institutes along with their contact details and the courses they conduct have been made available in this book.

For the professionals who are already in the industry, this book will assist them to manoeuvre into new careers and enhance the skill sets. The progression in the cyber domain is also discussed in the chapters of this book.

Q: How much effort and research has gone into writing this book?

Santosh: Around 6 months of efforts of all the 3 authors has gone into preparing this book. We studied the various job listings done on various portals / electronic media/print media and identified the skill sets which were required for a particular job profile. Also connected with various institutions to know what kind of courses and certification programs they were running in this cyber domain. Numerous. Numerous industry cyber security experts were spoken to and the inputs on the future job roles were also taken which are mentioned in the book in the book.

Q: Now that the book is out, what feedback have you received from the industry and readers?

Santosh: The book has been widely appreciated by all and everyone. The students and this cyber enthusiasts are loving the book. The academia and the industry want make it as a part of the libraries and also distribute to various students and interns.

HR teams are also wanting this book so that they can prepare a proper job role for hiring in their company. Few academic institutions have approached for amending the syllabus as per the skill sets mentioned in this book. Overall, the response is very positive And heart whelming.

Q: What can we expect from your next book? Give some insight into it.

Santosh: The next book in pipeline is about Digital Forensics For Law Enforcement Agencies. It is going to be a complete digital forensic investigation life cycle handbook. The target audience is the law enforcement agencies, digital forensic laboratories, lawyers, and the judiciary. It will include various case studies on various threat vectors that explain the real-time scenarios.

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