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Father Falls Victim As Hacker Posts Daughter’s Morphed Photo On Escort Website



Father Falls Victim As Hacker Posts Daughter's Morphed Photo On Escort Website

BENGALURU: The Halasuru police have initiated a thorough investigation into an alarming case of online extortion that involved a morphed photograph of a young girl being uploaded to a website notorious for promoting escort services. The victim, a 45-year-old businessman and resident of Halasuru, fell prey to the fraudster’s sinister scheme, prompting the police to register a First Information Report (FIR).

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Threats and Extortion Unleashed

On July 29, the victim received an unexpected call from an unidentified number, wherein the caller claimed to have breached the man’s Facebook account and gained unauthorized access to all the photos posted on the social media platform. Initially dismissing the call as a hoax, the man soon faced a more sinister ultimatum. Shortly after, he received another call, this time accompanied by a threat to expose incriminating photos linked to an escort service if he failed to transfer ₹12,000 immediately.

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Fearing the potential damage to his family’s reputation, the businessman reluctantly complied and transferred the demanded amount online. However, the torment did not end there. Within the span of an hour, the victim was subjected to yet another demand for money. Despite asserting his financial limitations, the businessman faced a dire threat – the accused vowed to publicly display his daughter’s image on a notorious website known for advertising escort services.

Desperation Leads to Action

Facing the alarming prospect of his daughter’s image being manipulated and shared inappropriately, the businessman turned to law enforcement for assistance. He reported the extortion to the Halasuru police, who swiftly launched an investigation into the distressing incident. In response, the police have registered an FIR and are actively working to trace the culprits behind this heinous act of cybercrime.

Preventive Measures Urged

In light of this unsettling incident, the police have urged citizens to take preventive measures to safeguard their online presence. Authorities recommend securing social media profiles to prevent cybercriminals from gaining unauthorized access to personal information, including sensitive photos. By locking down their profiles and employing stringent privacy settings, individuals can significantly reduce their vulnerability to such malicious schemes.

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Stay Vigilant Against Cyber Threats

As the investigation unfolds, the Halasuru police are determined to bring the perpetrators of this extortion plot to justice. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals to exploit innocent individuals. Law enforcement agencies continue to emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and promptly reporting any suspicious activities to prevent falling victim to such distressing online scams.

In an era where digital interactions play a significant role in everyday life, safeguarding personal information remains a critical responsibility. As the investigation into this alarming case continues, the authorities aim to raise awareness about the potential threats lurking in the virtual realm, urging citizens to adopt proactive measures to protect themselves and their loved ones from cyber exploitation.


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