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Beware of Online Liquor Scams: Bengaluru Man Loses Rs 3.4 Lakh in Cyber Fraud

Cyber Crooks Swindle Rs. 3.4 Lakh from Finance Exec Desperate for Weekend Liquor in Bengaluru



Beware of Online Liquor Scams: Bengaluru Man Loses Rs 3.4 Lakh in Cyber Fraud
Online Liquor Purchase Gone Wrong: Bengaluru Resident's Rs 3.4 Lakh Lesson in Caution

BENGALURU: Desperation for a weekend drink? Think twice before hitting that “order” button online, warns Bengaluru Police, as young professionals fall victim to cyber scams targeting illegal online liquor sales.

“Many youngsters, especially IT professionals, are losing money and their sanity trying to get home delivery of liquor, unaware that online sale and delivery of alcohol is completely banned,” revealed a senior police officer to the media.

The latest victim of this digital liquor trap is Danush (name changed), a 41-year-old finance executive from BTM Layout. His search for a drink this past January 14 turned into a Rs. 3.4 lakh nightmare courtesy of online liquor racketeers.

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Deceptive Dialing, Bait-and-Switch, and OTP Travesty:

Danush, seeking a bottle from Koramangala’s “Tonique,” found a number online and placed his order. Little did he know, he was dialing into a web of deceit. The receiver, posing as “Tonique,” collected his credit card details for a seemingly harmless Rs. 4,065 payment. But what followed was a whirlwind of OTP demands and fabricated excuses, draining Danush’s account dry to the tune of Rs. 3.4 lakh.

Cash on Delivery Refused, Card Details Siphoned:

Danush, initially wary, preferred cash on delivery. However, the con artist insisted on pre-payment, claiming delivery was contingent. Left with no choice, Danush offered his credit card details. The caller, feigning technical issues with generating a payment link, ultimately convinced him to hand over his card information, including CVV.

With his guard down, Danush watched helplessly as Rs. 4,065 disappeared from his account. But that was just the beginning.

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A Cascade of OTP Traps:

Citing a need to “remove” Danush’s card details from their system, the scammer requested an OTP. It wasn’t for a small sum – Rs. 1,76,999! Alarmed but trusting the fabricated explanation of a “balance issue,” Danush shared the OTP, only to see another Rs. 1,76,999 vanish from his account.

The charade continued with the fraudster, now playing the technical glitch card again, demanding yet another OTP for a supposed “refund.” This final OTP, amounting to Rs. 1,56,999, sealed Danush’s fate, draining his account of a total of Rs. 3.4 lakh in a terrifying 25-minute ordeal.

Adding insult to injury, Danush’s bank, attempting to confirm the suspicious transactions, couldn’t get through due to his ongoing conversation with the scammer.

A Cautionary Tale, a Police Warning:

Danush’s story serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the cyber shadows for those seeking illegal online liquor purchases. Bengaluru Police urge caution, emphasizing the illegality of online alcohol sales and the high risk of falling prey to sophisticated cyber scams.

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Remember, a weekend drink shouldn’t come at the cost of your sanity and hard-earned money. Stick to trusted, legal avenues for procuring liquor, and if faced with online temptations, remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  • Online alcohol sales are illegal in India.
  • Never share financial details with unknown callers or websites.
  • Cash on delivery is the safest option for legitimate liquor purchases.
  • Report suspicious activity to the police immediately.


  • Verify Legitimacy: Only buy from reputable and licensed sources.
  • No Advance Payment: Avoid upfront payments, opt for cash on delivery if possible.
  • Use Official Apps: Stick to official apps or websites for alcohol purchases.
  • Beware of Spoofing: Double-check website URLs and contact information.
  • Secure Transactions: Ensure secure payment gateways (look for ‘https’ in the URL).
  • Guard Personal Info: Never share sensitive information like OTPs or CVV.
  • Ignore Pressure: Don’t be rushed into making hasty decisions.
  • Seek Reviews: Read online reviews and ratings for sellers.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Inform authorities if you encounter scams or suspicious websites.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with local regulations on alcohol sales and deliveries.


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