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Clickbait Gone Wrong: Taiwanese Influencer Jailed for Faking Abduction in Cambodia Scam Mill Stunt

Chen Neng-chuan and Accomplice Receive Two-Year Sentence for Fake Kidnapping Drama.



Clickbait Gone Wrong: Taiwanese Influencer Jailed for Faking Abduction in Cambodia Scam Mill Stunt

Chen Neng-chuan, a 31-year-old Taiwanese influencer known for his paranormal videos, found himself in hot water after staging a dramatic escape from a fabricated abduction in Cambodia. His elaborate hoax, livestreamed to his fans, landed him a two-year jail sentence and a fine.

From “Darkest Corner” to Fabricated Fears:

Chen’s journey began with promises of exploring “the world’s darkest corner,” hinting at exposing human trafficking in Cambodia. On February 12th, a shocking livestream showed him battered and disheveled, claiming escape from armed captors in a notorious scam mill city. His wife fueled the drama, declaring him missing online.

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Dramatic Escape Unravels:

However, netizens quickly noticed inconsistencies. Liu Yu, another internet personality, used Chen’s video to pinpoint his location, revealing a fabricated escape route. Other inconsistencies, like ignoring nearby help and possessing filming equipment despite losing valuables, raised further doubts.

Staged Abduction Exposed:

Cambodian authorities eventually apprehended Chen and his accomplice, Lu Tsu-hsien (34), confirming the entire ordeal as a staged act. Investigations revealed purchases of props like military outfits and fake blood, solidifying the hoax’s intent.

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Justice Served:

A Cambodian court found Chen and Lu guilty of inciting social unrest, sentencing them to two years in prison and a fine each. Governor Kuoch Chamroeun emphasized the seriousness of their actions, stating, “We cannot forgive them, else others will create similar falsehoods to hurt Cambodia’s image.”

Lessons Learned:

Chen’s actions not only damaged Cambodia’s image but also eroded trust in online influencers. As content creators gain influence, ethical responsibility and truthfulness remain paramount.

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