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Cyber Crime Services Available On Dark Web For Meagre Price; Ransomware Kit For As Low As $66



Cyber Crime Services Available On Dark Web For Meagre Price; Ransomware Kit For As Low As $66

NEW DELHI: For those who specialise in ransomware, phishing campaigns, and other types of attacks, cybercrime can be a lucrative business. Profit margins are especially high because cybercrime products and services frequently sell at rock-bottom prices on the Dark Web. Atlas VPN’s new report examines the going rates for everything from spearphishing attacks to ransomware kits to stolen account credentials.

Atlas VPN discovered that spearphishing attacks cost between $100 and $1,000 based on Microsoft data. These attacks differ from standard phishing campaigns in that they are directed at a specific individual or organisation. As a result, spearphishing messages frequently catch victims more easily than generic bulk messages.

A single ransomware kit costs as little as $66. However, at that price, the buyer is usually required to modify the kit for the specific attack in mind. Ransomware kits and attacks also differ depending on the type of security protection they must circumvent.

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One of the most common types of attack is a distributed denial-of-service attack, which is designed to flood a website with so much traffic that it is unable to respond to requests from actual users. Criminals on the Dark Web charge around $311 to launch a steady stream of DDoS attacks against a specific website for up to a month.

Stolen account information can be sold for as little as 97 cents per 1,000. Because there are so many data breaches regularly, there is no shortage of stolen usernames and passwords, so prices are low. Buyers, however, should exercise caution. Most sellers do not guarantee that the credentials will work because many victims may have changed their passwords, especially if the breach is old.

After obtaining a set of credentials, cybercriminals will typically use automated tools to test the stolen username and password combinations on various websites.

Dark Web hackers can be hired for specific tasks that aren’t packed as a pre-packaged service. A single job typically costs around $250 and can include tasks such as hacking into the victim’s social media accounts, committing a credit card scam, or committing identity theft.

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According to Flashpoint data, certain services are sold by hackers to other hackers. One popular type of service is Counter Anti-Virus (CAV), which provides scripts and tools that hide malware from most antivirus programmes. The sellers inform prospective buyers about which security programmes their script or tool will bypass. Cryptor services, like CAV, will conceal a virus from firewalls and other security tools.

Laundry or money mule services, which are also available on the Dark Web, transfer illicitly obtained money between different international accounts until it is completely laundered and untraceable. Mules for hire will even transport cash to their destination. Escrow services are also for sale. In this case, someone acts as a go-between for a buyer and a seller. Only if the buyer is satisfied with the product or service is money exchanged.

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