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Delhi Journalist’s Bumble Date Turns Sour: Scammed for Rs 15,886 at Cafe



Delhi Journalist's Bumble Date Turns Sour: Scammed for Rs 15,886 at Cafe

NEW DELHI: In the pursuit of finding love or companionship through dating apps like Bumble, unsuspecting individuals are increasingly falling prey to sophisticated scams. Archit Gupta, a 25-year-old journalist from Delhi, recently encountered a distressing experience during his first Bumble date that turned into a scam, shedding light on the dark underbelly of online dating.

Gupta took to a popular social media platform to share his harrowing encounter, hoping to caution others about the lurking dangers on dating platforms. His post narrates an unsettling tale of being duped by a girl he connected with on Bumble.

The Deceptive Date

The story began when Archit Gupta agreed to meet his Bumble match at The Race Lounge and Bar in Rajouri Garden. Despite his reservations about the choice of the cafe, he decided to proceed with the meeting. Upon arrival, the girl ordered an array of items, including a hookah, glasses of wine, a vodka shot, chicken tikka, and more, amassing a staggering bill of Rs 15,886.

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The shock of the exorbitant bill was compounded by Gupta’s surprise as he settled it, albeit reluctantly. However, a bizarre turn of events unfolded swiftly thereafter. When Gupta briefly excused himself for a restroom break, he returned to find the bill mysteriously missing from the table. More alarming was the girl’s sudden departure claim, stating she needed to leave with her brother, vanishing without a trace.

Frustrated Pursuits and a Cry for Action

Despite frantic attempts to reach out to the girl, Gupta’s calls and messages remained unanswered, revealing the calculated nature of the deception he had fallen victim to. Recognizing the scam, Gupta sounded the alarm on social media, emphasizing the urgent need for authorities to intervene and address the escalating fraudulence rampant on dating apps.

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In his impassioned post, Gupta expressed, “Fraud Alert – Incident Date: 10.11.2023. I’m 25 and single. Thought of giving Bumble a chance to find a genuine date, but ended up with a scam.” He highlighted the staggering bill and the alarming frequency of such incidents, urging both @Cyberdost and @DelhiPolice to take proactive measures to safeguard users from similar predicaments.

Unmasking the Widespread Scams

Further shedding light on the prevailing scams, Gupta disclosed the operational modus operandi involving multiple cafes and clubs in Rajouri Garden. Shockingly, some of these establishments seem complicit in the scams, reportedly collaborating with individuals to coerce patrons into settling inflated bills, even employing bouncers to intimidate and enforce payment.

With scammers evading repercussions for their deceptive actions, Gupta emphasized the urgency for law enforcement to intervene and hold both the cafes and fraudsters accountable.

Vigilance and Caution Amidst Rising Scams

The incident serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution while navigating the realm of online dating. Despite the allure of finding companionship on dating apps, users must remain vigilant, scrutinize unfamiliar circumstances, and prioritize safety measures to evade falling victim to such deceitful schemes.

As Gupta’s plea for action gains traction online, it underscores the imperative for stringent measures to curb the burgeoning menace of scams lurking within the digital dating sphere.

The Delhi Police have yet to respond to Gupta’s plea for action. Meanwhile, his courageous revelation continues to reverberate across social media platforms, serving as a potent cautionary tale for all those engaging in the pursuit of love and connections in the digital age.


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