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From Delhi to China: How Fake SIMs Fueled a Cross-Border Cyber Crime Spree



From Delhi to China: How Fake SIMs Fueled a Cross-Border Cyber Crime Spree

DEHRADUN: The Special Task Force (STF) of Uttarakhand Police in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Police Station has successfully arrested two foreign individuals, Tenzing Chophel (28) and Lalita Thapa (29), for their alleged involvement in a widespread online fraud operation. The accused, hailing from Tibetan and Bhutanese backgrounds, were apprehended in Delhi, marking a significant milestone in the fight against cybercrime.

International Connections: Counterfeit SIM Cards Dispatched Abroad

The arrested individuals are suspected of dispatching over 500 counterfeit SIM cards to locations in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China. These fake SIMs were linked to a series of scams across the country, prompting a thorough investigation by the police into the extent of their operations.

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Modus Operandi: Counterfeit Websites and Social Media Deception

Chophel and Thapa reportedly executed a sophisticated modus operandi, creating counterfeit websites of reputable companies. They utilized platforms such as WhatsApp, email, and various social media channels to reach out to the public. Pretending to be human resources personnel and employees of well-known companies, the fraudsters lured individuals into undertaking online tasks for the promise of quick money.

Online Tasks Scam: Exploiting Job Seekers for Illicit Gains

Victims were directed to download the Telegram app via a provided link and join a group, where they were instructed to like and subscribe to various YouTube videos using the Signal app. Exploiting job seekers, the fraudsters convinced individuals to invest money for higher returns, accumulating substantial amounts through a series of fraudulent transactions.

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Financial Transactions and STF’s Revelation: Link to Sugar Scams

The STF revealed that the accused have ties to multiple scams across the country, with their online fraud operations amounting to over Rs 22 lakh. This disclosure implicates them in a larger network of cybercrime, highlighting the need for heightened cybersecurity awareness and vigilance among the public.

The arrest of Tenzing Chophel and Lalita Thapa is a significant blow to cyber fraud operations in the country. As the police diligently investigate the recovered SIM cards and their connection to broader scams, the case underscores the importance of international collaboration in tackling transnational cyber threats.


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