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Do You Also Play Online Games? Here’s Why Delhi Police Arrested Three Men



Do You Also Play Online Games? Here’s Why Delhi Police Arrested Three Men

Are you also fond of playing games like Rummy, Pool, Ludo, Snooker online? Especially when the gaming apps or websites offer monetary benefits, discount coupons or cashbacks. Of course, many of us do!

But here’s why you should be wary of such gaming apps or websites and exercise caution in choosing only authentic, verified platforms.

The Delhi Police this week arrested three people on charges of duping online gamers across the country through illegal pre-hosted gaming websites. Those arrested — Shreyansh Chandrakar, Ayush Dewangan and Yash Ganvir – had been duping gullible people by luring them into placing bets on online games.

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However, the websites or apps on which these users were placing bets were being operated illegally and the accused trio had kept changing their location from south India to central India and north India in order to evade getting in police radar.

What Is a Pre-Hosted Website?

A pre-hosted website is one that has already been created and is made available for purchase or lease. The website is usually designed and developed by someone else and is ready to be used as soon as it is acquired.
Pre-hosted websites can be either legal or illegal, depending on the specific circumstances and the content of the website. If the website is legitimate and its content does not infringe on any copyright or trademark laws, then it is legal. However, if the website contains illegal or unethical content, such as copyrighted material or malicious software, then it would be considered illegal.

Caution For Users
It’s important to be cautious when purchasing pre-hosted websites and to thoroughly research the seller and the website’s content before making a purchase. This can help to ensure that the website is legitimate and does not pose any legal or security risks.

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How Was The Gang Busted?
According to the Delhi Police, the gang had been duping people through these gaming websites by initially paying small amounts of money in return for their bets. But this was just part of the trick to lure the users into placing bigger bets and placing trust on the websites.

Recently, the police in North district of Delhi had received a complaint from techie who had alleged fraud of almost Rs 1.50 lakh with him on one such gaming website.
Investigation into the case led the police to the trio, who were operating from a private property in Delhi when the police nabbed them.

Interestingly, before the police raid at the property to bust the gang, the accused had ordered some food from Swiggy. But, a sub-inspector of the cyber team of the Delhi Police then disguised himself as the food delivery executive and went to the location to deliver the food.

During the delivery, he took note of the situation and ascertained the presence of the gang members inside the property to ensure the success of subsequent police raid.

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