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Fake Call Centre Busted: Noida Police Arrests 16 Callers Involved In Insurance Fraud



Fake Call Centre Busted: Noida Police Arrests 16 Callers Involved In Insurance Fraud

NOIDA: The Noida police on Thursday busted a fake call centre that had scammed a retired government officer out of Rs 1.62 crore under the guise of recovering Rs 26 lakh from an insurance policy.

The fraud call centre, according to the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Ranvijay Singh, was located in the Bhopura area of the neighbouring Ghaziabad district.

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The gang’s kingpin and ten women who worked at the fake centre were among those arrested. The case had been solved by Noida Cyber Cell and Sector 113 police station authorities.

“On May 21, a retired NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) officer contacted the Sector 113 police station with a complaint that he had been scammed of Rs 1.62 crore over a period of time by some people,” Singh explained.

“He had given us whatever documents and evidence he had linked to the incident, following which a case was filed and the inquiry began. We were able to apprehend 16 persons after successfully busting a group involved in this fraud “According to a police officer here, Singh stated that the gang was operating out of Bhopura in the neighbouring Ghaziabad district.

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The gang members impersonated employees of a bank, and insurance agency and misled the complainant, who had purchased a life insurance policy from the HDFC bank six years before.

“The victim had only paid one instalment for the policy and no subsequent instalments.” The gang had obtained the insurance information and called the complainant, assuring him that Rs 26 lakh was in his account and could be transferred back to him.

“Over time, the gang conned the complainant out of Rs 1.62 crore in increments of Rs 1 lakh or Rs 2 lakh in the garb of returning his Rs 26 lakh,” Singh added. Sonu Kumar, the gang’s leader, has been apprehended.

According to the officials, the gang set up a bogus call centre and defrauded customers by promising them money in lieu of insurance whose instalment had not been deposited and other perks.

According to Additional DCP Singh, the gang has been active for the previous two years, but a thorough investigation into its operations is underway.

The police have also learned that certain gang members purchased houses with money stolen from other people, and the specifics of all such assets and bank accounts are being investigated, he added.

Meanwhile, the Noida police asked the general public to exercise caution when engaging in internet activities and communicating, particularly with anonymous callers who speak to individuals.

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