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How Military WhatsApp Groups Are Being Used To Defame And Tarnish Image Of Journalists



How Military WhatsApp Groups Are Being Used To Defame And Tarnish Image Of Journalists

NEW DELHI: A widespread WhatsApp message is being circulated within military groups aimed at defaming Ajit Dubey, the Defence Editor at ANI. The forwarded message, accessed by, alleged that Dubey had infiltrated military officers’ course groups, warning against his presence in these forums.

Logical Flaws in the Allegations

However, upon logical scrutiny, it becomes evident that Dubey couldn’t have entered these groups without admin approval or an invitation from the group admin. Military personnel, accustomed to strict protocols, generally refrain from permitting outsiders, let alone journalists, into such closed forums.

An active-duty Army officer clarified that their course groups don’t extend invitations even to their own family members or officers within their ranks, let alone allowing a journalist entry. The cohesion within these groups primarily consists of individuals who are familiar with each other, thereby making it improbable for strangers to join.

Vigilance Against Intrusions

Notably, military personnel exercise heightened caution due to attempts by foreign intelligence operatives, particularly from Pakistan, to breach their closed WhatsApp circles. Despite the serious allegations, no tangible evidence or screenshots corroborating Dubey’s expulsion from these groups surfaced upon inquiry by

                                                                                                            Defamatory message being circulated on WhatsApp groups.

Countering Propaganda and Upholding Integrity

Despite efforts by numerous military personnel to counteract the propaganda by posting dissenting messages, the viral negativity on social media tends to garner attention. Despite attempting to reach out to Ajit Dubey for his perspective on the matter, received no comment.

Caution Against False Narratives advises both military and civilian members to avoid falling victim to baseless forwarded messages and rumors propagated by unidentified entities with vested interests. Dubey boasts a twenty-year career dedicated to covering security and defense forces, renowned for his unbiased reporting and exclusive coverage during significant events. The dissemination of this WhatsApp message appears as a deliberate ploy to besmirch the reputation of a journalist recognized for his impartial and groundbreaking journalism.

Tips to Address Defamatory Messages on WhatsApp

  1. Verify before Sharing:
    • Cross-check information from credible sources.
    • Refrain from forwarding unverified messages.
  2. Scrutinize Message Details:
    • Check sender credibility and content sources.
    • Use fact-checking tools for media content.
  3. Report Misinformation:
    • Utilize WhatsApp’s reporting feature.
    • Block or mute contacts sharing false content.
  4. Educate and Share Responsibly:
    • Spread awareness about verifying information.
    • Encourage reliance on credible sources.
  5. Engage Group Admins:
    • Alert admins about misleading content.
    • Advocate for group guidelines against misinformation.
  6. Utilize Available Tools:
    • Seek legal support if necessary.
    • Report false content on social media platforms.
  7. Maintain Digital Hygiene:
    • Keep WhatsApp updated for security features.
    • Adjust privacy settings for control.
  8. Promote Responsible Usage:
    • Advocate for ethical online behavior.
    • Share positive and accurate news to counter misinformation.

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