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How Stealing Nudes Of Women Landed This Hacker In Jail For 9 Years



How Stealing Nudes Of Women Landed This Hacker In Jail For 9 Years

A California man was sentenced to nine years in prison on Thursday for hacking into hundreds of iCloud accounts to steal the nudes of young women.

Hao Kuo Chi presented himself as icloudripper4you and stole the women’s private images and videos. He unlawfully hacked or breached Apple accounts. The US Attorney’s Office released this remark.

This 41-year-old hacker then forwarded these photographs to his website, which was known for revenge porn on the victims. These were the prosecutors’ words.

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Authorities all indicated that Chi was running a terror campaign by displaying naked photographs online, which he considers a victory. He obtained them illegally and then traded them with other people who visited his website.

Chi was found guilty of computer fraud conspiracy in October and sentenced to twenty years in jail.

“From his computer, this man conducted a terror campaign, inflicting fear and grief to hundreds of victims,” said David Walker, the FBI’s special agent in charge in Tampa.

According to the US Attorney’s Office, Chi’s email accounts contained the iCloud credentials of approximately 4,700 victims and demonstrated that he forwarded stolen content to accomplices more than 300 times.

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Some of the conspirators subsequently made the photographs public.

He also retained several photographs associated with 500 victims for himself, storing 3.5 terabytes of data on iCloud and physical storage. A terabyte is equivalent to 1,024 gigabytes.

“Chi victimised hundreds of women around the country, instilling fear in their safety and reputations,” told US Attorney Roger Handberg in a statement.

“This sentence underscores the US Attorney’s Office’s determination to hold cybercriminals accountable for their actions.”

Chi was sentenced by US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who sprang to prominence earlier this year when she overturned the mandatory face mask requirement for aviation travel.

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