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Investment Scam: Mumbai Woman Loses Rs 4 Lakh Invested Through MNC’s Fake Mobile App



Investment Scam: Mumbai Woman Loses Rs 4 Lakh Invested Through MNC's Fake Mobile App

MUMBAI: Beware! Cyber criminals have made look-a-like applications of leading multinationals and investment firms to cheat people. A 35-year-old woman from Navi Mumbai became a victim of cybercrime when fraudsters she met on social media impersonated an employee of a major Indian multinational conglomerate and convinced her to invest Rs 4 lakh in the company.

The investment was made through a mobile app in the company’s name, which promised large returns in a fortnight. An FIR was filed last week at the Kopar Khairane police station in Navi Mumbai, and an investigation is underway to find the accused.

The complainant stated to the police that she is a housewife who lives with her husband and two children.

On July 1, while scrolling through her Instagram feed, she came across an advertisement that read, “GET RICH at home by online earning money.” She clicked on a link in the post, and a page called “INDIA TODAY” appeared. She received a WhatsApp message from a person named “Rileytayor” after clicking on the second page, inquiring about her personal details and asking if she was interested in investing in a large corporation.

The fraudster gave her the phone number of a woman, the second accused, who demanded Rs 200 for registration. Following her registration, the accused sent her a forged ID in order to convince her that she was employed by the conglomerate.

She then instructed her to download an app in the name of the company in order to make investments. The complainant was promised substantial returns on her investments within two weeks. When the complainant saw the application, she selected a few projects in which she wanted to invest.

The complainant was so taken with the fraudster’s speech that she borrowed money from her family and friends to invest in the company. She transferred a total of Rs 4 lakh into various e-wallet accounts, believing she was investing in various company projects.

When the woman did not receive her money after a fortnight, she contacted the accused, who yelled at her and turned off her phone. This is when the complainant realised she had been duped and went to the local police station.