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Rising Cases of Job Scam: Delhi Man Duped of Rs 11.8 Lakh Through Telegram Scam



Rising Cases of Job Scam: Young Man Duped of Rs 11.8 Lakh Through Telegram Scam

NEW DELHI: The alarming surge in cybercrime cases continues to plague the country as fraudsters exploit various platforms to target unsuspecting individuals. In a recent incident from New Delhi, Nasir Ali, a young man, fell victim to a Telegram scam, losing a staggering amount of Rs 11,80,000.

It all began when Nasir received a text message inviting him to join a Telegram group promising lucrative investment opportunities. Tempted by the prospect of earning more money, he decided to explore further, unknowingly walking into a carefully orchestrated trap set by fraudsters.

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According to Nasir’s complaint, he received a message on Telegram instructing him to join a specific group. The message enticed him with the promise of increased earnings through investments. Trusting the message, Nasir joined the group, kicking off a series of deceitful tasks assigned by the fraudsters operating under the username “@Arpita.”

The initial task assigned to Nasir was to deposit Rs 100 and create his profile through a provided link. The fraudsters assured him that he would receive Rs 250 in return. Falling for their persuasive tactics, Nasir complied and deposited the money, only to witness the promised amount credited to his account shortly after. This successful transaction led him to believe in the authenticity of the scheme.

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As days went by, the fraudsters would assign Nasir new tasks, primarily involving liking profiles of new individuals and sharing them with others. Each task required a certain investment, with promised daily returns. Succumbing to their manipulation, Nasir continued to invest his hard-earned money, hoping for greater profits.

The trust between Nasir and the fraudsters grew, and at one point, they persuaded him to share the details of his seven bank accounts. With this information in their possession, the fraudsters managed to extract a grand total of Rs 11,80,000 from Nasir. Unbeknownst to him, he had fallen into a perilous trap orchestrated by these cybercriminals.

Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, Nasir confronted the fraudsters, demanding the return of his money and urging them to let him exit the group. Instead of complying, they resorted to threats, putting further pressure on Nasir. They demanded an additional sum of Rs 11,70577 to release a check worth Rs 30,00,000, further deepening the victim’s despair.

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Fearful and left with no other option, Nasir promptly lodged a complaint with the cybercrime police. He revealed that he had already transferred a sum of Rs 11,80,000 to the fraudsters, emphasizing the urgent need for action against these cybercriminals.

Authorities are investigating the case, urging individuals to exercise caution while engaging in online activities. It serves as a grim reminder of the importance of staying vigilant, especially when dealing with unsolicited messages or offers promising exorbitant returns.

The victim allege that despite furnishing enough evidence regarding criminals police has failed to take any action. He claims that he has evidence that over Rs 6 crore were deposited in criminals accounts but police has failed to seize their bank accounts or launch a crackdown.

The incident highlights the need for increased awareness and stringent measures to combat cybercrime effectively. Initiatives focusing on educating the public about the risks associated with online scams and promoting cybersecurity best practices become crucial in safeguarding individuals from falling prey to such fraudulent schemes.

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, it is imperative for everyone to remain cautious, exercise skepticism, and report any suspicious activity to the authorities promptly. By working together, society can collectively combat the rising tide of cybercrime and protect innocent individuals from financial losses and emotional distress.

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